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UPDATED 9/15/17 - Nyren's Corner: The Nintendo Switch Direct Was Amazing, Except for Two Things

When Nintendo wants to impress you, they damn well know how to do it. Todays Nintendo Direct was 45 minutes of pure bliss. Mario, Xenoblade, Metroid, Kirby, Doom, Wolfenstein 2, and so much more, all coming to Nintendo Switch. Did I mention Project Octopath Traveler looks freaking amazing? And yet, there were two things that struck me as the dumbest things ever. Lets talk about this.

#1 - The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Spotlight Was WAY Too Long and Boring


Lets get the good part out of the way first: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases on December 1st, 2017! Take that doubters! Okay, now onto what this is really about: That preview was way too damn long and the length coupled with so much badly voice acted exposition turned what should have been a massive hype boost into a snoozefest. This is Nintendo’s third big 2017 release and they need that massive hype going into the holidays. This spotlight probably did not do what it had hoped. If they had left it at the initial trailer, it probably would have been fine, but then it turned into a bit more of a nature documentary and a tutorial presented in video form. That killed it, even for me, and I typically do not mind very Japanese things like that. Nothing that can be done about it now, but I’m curious to see how many people might have been turned off by the spotlight and I know that some people noted the slow combat and enemies that don’t seem to react to hits which is a big issue for some. I’ll still get the game because I think the story and characters will at least be decent, but that’ll be it.

#2 - Mario Party: The Top 100!... for 3DS.

I remember the golden era of Mario Party. Holding oddly shaped controllers, being able to see the poly count with my own eyes, and having friendships ruined because I stole a star from someone. Ah, those were the days. And now they’re back! One hundred of the best minigames culled from all 10 major entries of the Mario Party series. The worst news? It’s only coming to the 3DS. This seems like a major goof on Nintendo’s part. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mind it being on 3DS, oh no. I mind that it isn’t coming to Switch as well. The more people the merrier I say, and Switch could use a dedicated party game. What better game than a Mario Party game that caters to older fans as well as newer ones? Who knows, maybe a Switch version will appear in the future. Perhaps it just needs extra work to look just right on the platform. Either way, you can be damn sure that people are gonna knock down Nintendo’s door for a Switch version. I’ve already seen comment after comment after comment on every website I’ve gone too. IGN, Facebook, GameInformer, Youtube, stream chats, Kotaku. The general consensus: Why is there no Switch version?! MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDO! Oh, and add online multiplayer while you’re at it, a lot of us don’t have friends to play with locally, so pissing off a random stranger from across the world is the next best thing. Boards would also be nice to go along with those minigames.


In an effort to prove my point about Mario Party: The Top 100's bad choice of console, I went to the official Nintendo of America Twitter account and searched for the Mario Party announcement. Scrolling through the comments, my statements remain entirely valid and the fact that it’s on an official Nintendo page means that they’ve damn well seen the outcry for a Switch version. I doubt Nintendo will comment on it unless asked during an interview, but the fans have been heard. The question now is, will Nintendo listen?


Here’s the Tweet in case you’re curious. Go on, scroll through the replies:

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