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G’day TAY. Today I bring you a non-gaming related article. I implore you all to give this a good read as this is incredibly important. I’ve been granted TAY authorship a good while ago and have been using this position to share my personal takes on gaming related experiences an thoughts. But TAY authorship has allowed me something that I haven’t exploited to this day. Speaking to a liberal crowd.

I think that most Kotaku and TAY readers are left-leaning. Most of us are humanist, maybe cosmopolitan, egalitarian, and liberal. And if you’re not, you may want to know that I identify with these nouns. Now have you ever heard of the “echo-chamber?”

Your internet experience is dictated by the pages you come across. Search engine algorithms as well as suggestions from your friends tend to display information that corresponds to your personal convicttions. See the wikipedia page for a quick overview https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_chamber_(media), but the heart of the matter is that you are not reading the things that right-laying individuals are reading.


So I’m now using my power as a TAY author to bring you a right-wing plea. A heart-felt wish from our conservative fellow humans. And that is: please listen.

That’s it. Please listen.

Now those two words: please listen, seem incredibly easy to understand, but the complexity behind those two simple words are astounding. And let me tell you why.

If I tell you that gay marriage is an affront and I end my sentence then and there, then you as a liberal will most likely answer with: no it’s not (in varying measurements of dignity). But this is engaging, not listening.

If I tell you that multiculturalism is a blight because interracial relationships put a strain on society, and you answer that there is no difference between people of certain races) then you are engaging not listening.


Now if you’re reaction to those last two paragraphs is something disbelief about the notion that you are not listening, take the following into account. Gay marriage is an affront. Notice the word affront. Is affront something that all people have a singular interpretation of? To what is it an affront. How is this an affront. Only your own presumptions on the meaning behind the sentence can lead you to engage, otherwise this sentence is way to little to engage with. If you did not expend the right-leaner to expound, then you have silenced him/her without letting the point actually be made.

But I’m not really done yet. Because one thing that helps in heated discussion is the feedback-method.


You see, when I have a fight with my wife, and this helps in a lot of cases, we use this method. We take turns talking. We wait with talking until the turn-have explicitly says she/he’s done. Then before we counter we summarize what the other has said and ask whether the words are understood correctly. Use the feedback-method always.

Use the feedback loop. And before we continue polarizing our societies until we’re left with extremist groups. Let’s not let anger and hate grow and fester, let left and right come together on at least one basic promise from left to right and right to left. And that is the promise to listen.

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