I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum - Replacement Edition

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You thought it was Slinker today but it was me Dio! Or... well Ishamael covering actually but we’re both the same really. One is an asshole, immortal vampire, bent on destruction and chaos and the other is well... me. Damn that description was way less cool.


That said how is everyone doing on this completely and totally unremarkable Tuesday. Myself I am feeling damn neutral, nothing too big is really hanging over me while at the same time Friday which I am looking forward too is still several days off. All around it is just totally meh... even my game of Civilization VI is now just me going through the motions before I inevitably take the last capital opposing me or launch the Mars rockets.

Topics of Discussion for today!

- What is your ways to break the blahs?

- Do you have any routines that you must do for the day to star right? For myself I start every day with a bottle of BCAA’s for hydration and a good pick me up. Also it tastes like Gatorade which I can’t drink so that is good.


- Watching any good and completed TV shows or anime recently? I’m tapped out and am looking for recommendations. Movies work too!

Or you know you can Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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