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This space will be regularly updated with your questions and answers from the candidates! If you have any questions you’re dying to know the answer to, just ask in the comments below and I will make sure our moderator gets them asap. If your name is Ken Bone, please why won’t you return my calls?

To kick things off, here’s a maid chart. It will be useful later. If you’re interested in picking a maid, please explain your rationale.


QUESTION #1: Which Maid Is Best Maid? (Via Nior)

SirMarth: 5

Raitzeno: 5, though it’s close

Cat Russell: On that chart, 7...but the real bestmaid is the friends we made along the way

Novibear: They all are. Maids are the best therefore they are all the best maid.

Meathead: It’s obviously 10

Question #2: Please share your best/favorite meme (via Gugsy) **Click link to go to image**

Question #3: Would you ban all things Kidechka does not understand?

Meathead: If there’s “ban” involved I can get behind it.

Raitzeno: no, i would not. I am fairly certain Kidechka does not understand quantum physics.


Novibear: No I would not ban things Kidechka doth not comprehend unless it’s breaking the rules.

SirMarth01: Sure, let’s ban everything Kidechka doesn’t understand. Let’s ban Kidechka, too, while we’re banning things!


Raitzeno: I know just enough to know how I much don’t understand about it. Let’s not ban quantum physics, please.
(I am reasonably certain nobody really understands quantum physics. :D;)


Meathead: I’ll Definitely ban physics of all forms.

Seething Hatred: That’d be too long of a list to ban

Kidechka: Rood, I quit.

Question #4: How and When are you going to “Make TAY Great Again?” via Habboi (Final Question)

Raitzeno: I’m going to make TAY great. It hasn’t been yet, primarily because it’s not anime enough.


Novibear: My first step would be to finally make a Novi Emote its a true shame that after all my years here there is still no emote that represents Novi.

Meathead: How do you turn egregious autocorrect into an emote?

As an answer to the question, gonna keep it real. I likely will not lead Tay to greatness. And neither will my opponents, I’m just honest about it dabs off the podium


SeethingHatred: To make TAY great again, we must first allow rule34 back, it has been far too long my friends

Cat Russell: How am i gonna make tay great again? Simple. Horror maid as best is bannable. Also i will make all the other mods compete in a competition for our amusement


(Sorry im late, my parents are over)

Meathead: (tell your parents than an internet moderator election is more important)


SirMarth01: It’s simple. You ban all of the trash. You ban the shitposters. You ban the weebs. You ban the gamers. You ban at all levels, from the admins at the top to the random passerby. Once the purge is complete, TAY will be truly great! Sure, there probably won’t be anyone left to enjoy it, but it’ll be great! MAKE TAY GREAT AGAIN!

Meathead: This brought a tear to me eye.


(betcha he don’t deliver tho)

Final/Closing Arguments

Novibear: Vote for Novi

SeethingHatred: My fellow TAYians, be you weeb, otaku, freak or geek or any mixture between, seething is your candidate. Seething will not judge you, nay seething shall elevate you. You sir! Your waifu is clearly best girl because you chose her. You son! Seething will stand up for your right to love your game, no matter how horrible it is. Vote for seething. Vote to reclaim your freedom from oppression!


The all day debate has concluded. Thank you to anyone who suggested a question, and thanks to our candidates for taking the time out of their busy campaign planning to answer these, the most important of questions today.

We will see you all next week for another campaign stop, and then the last week in October the live debate will conclude our Election season.

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