I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Stress" Edition

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Hi TAY! Thanksgiving is behind us. It’s the middle of the week as things are gearing up towards Christmas and for the first time, I’m not at all that excited.

It’s likely due to the fact that there’s not much for me to look forward to in December. I mean, sure there’s Christmas, which I love! But I have some long days coming up where I’ll be stuck at the computer for 12 hours a day. Particularly during Christmas and New Year’s week, this feels kinda sad.


Then there’s this week... this week, I’m waiting for Friday evening to come then simultaneously not. Waiting for the week to be over because more stress with people who need things from me and their freaking out has me feeling anxious as hell that I’m gonna screw something up. But I don’t want the week to end because it means my friend who is visiting from Trinidad will be leaving soon thereafter on Sunday. Time flies when you don’t want it too. Rushing isn’t my thing.

One more reason for stress this week? Haunting of Hill House. That Netflix series with the ghosts. Ghosts hiding in the shadows. Under the piano. Ghosts hiding right behind you.



It’s not a super scary show but it is tragic. Except that one scene... that one scene. No. Nope. Nope. No. No. NO. Nope.


I may or may not have had a restless night after watching a few episodes at 1 in the morning. I’m not a wuss! YOU’RE A WUSS!

For today’s suggested topics:

  • What games do you play to unwind? Or do you not do that because games are a stressful mess?
  • What’s the scariest show or game character?
  • How are your Holiday plans shaping up?
  • What’s a thing you’re looking forward to?

So sleepy

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