I'm really feeling it!

Huzzah! The fabled day of gift opening has finally arrived. It’s time to reveal your Secret Santa surprises to the world.

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is open your gift and behold the wonderful contents. Then you can do one of these lovely things below

  • Describe what you got in a comment!
  • Add in a picture (if possible).
  • State/Guess who your Secret Santa was.
  • Comment on other people’s gifts and admire how swell they are.

Those of you who have not received gifts yet: Please let me know ASAP (email me at ben@classrealm.com) and I will contact your Santa to chew them out see what the holdup is. If you’ve already been informed of a gift that will be arriving late or you’ve contacted Zarnyx or me about a gift you sent showing up late then you need not contact us again.

And as is now tradition, here is the best (see only) compilation of 8-bit inspired Christmas music to get you in a festive mood. It starts off with my favorite, “All I Want for Bleep Bloop Christmas is Bloop Blip You”.

You’re probably wondering what I got this year.

Wonder no more!


Some amazing signed art from Axel Child of Destiny! It’s so cool. I really love the Dragon Ball Z ones. I think I’ll frame them in my office.


So... what’d you get?!

I’d like to personally thank everyone who participated this year. I truly hope everyone put some thought into their gifts and enjoyed being able brighten up someone else’s day. Excuse me, *sniff* there’s something in my eye...


As usual a big shout out to Zarnyx for helping me manage all this madness. I hope you all have a safe, warm and happy holiTAY.

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