I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’m a pretty recent member of the Nintendo gaming community. I was (and still am) a pretty ardent PC and Playstation gamer, but have also now gone through three 3DS consoles and have a Switch. It’s been a wonderful increase in the diversity of my gaming experiences and in terms of both actual games and hardware I’m pretty happy with what I got for my money.


Recently I decided to switch on my New 3DS for the first time in a while and saw that new titles had been added to Nintendo Selects. These are titles that have sold well enough to get a permanent price cut, which is awesome because they tend to be the most popular titles.

In South Africa, where I live, they are meant to be prices at R239 or about $17. I have always wanted to try Animal Crossing and at that price I would be OK if I didn’t like it.


So I went to the Selects section of the eShop, but something was wrong. While Selects were advertised at R239, the actual price on the games was R329. Obviously, some poor intern had accidentally swapped two of the numbers. No biggie, right? I’ll just let support know and they’ll fix the problem ASAP. Oh boy was I wrong.

They Nintendidn’t

Since this is the SA eShop, the right people to contact are at support@nintendo.co.za , so let’s start with that first email.


Hi there,

I was browsing the Nintendo Selects with my eye on Animal Crossing. The pricing is supposed to be R239, but they are all listed as R329, which looks like someone swapped the numbers around. 


Now, I’m perhaps not the most concise person in the world, but I think that’s a pretty clear statement of the issue. Apparently not.

Thank you for your email.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues on your Nintendo account.

Please supply me with the following info to assist.

Nintendo ID.
Email associated with the ID.
Serial number of the old device or new device.


OK, fair enough. This is just some boilerplate they send to everyone.



email is REDACTED

There is no old or new device. I only have one 3DS, the problem is that the pricing of Nintendo Selects on the eShop is incorrect. There is nothing wrong with my 3DS.


At this point the local rep appealed to a higher power, which I assume was the US or EU office.


Thank you for contacting us regarding eShop prices.

As much as we would love to provide an answer straight away, unfortunately, none of our team members (including myself) own a South African NNID.

Consequently, we are not able to recreate this situation and investigate right away.

As an alternative, I kindly ask to please request a video from customer.

Please make sure customer understand it needs to be clear and price change visible.

Will be awaiting for your reply!


A video? I thought this was a little excessive, so I decided to simply take photos of the issue. These are the photos in question.

Illustration for article titled My Kafkaesque Nintendo Support Experience (UPDATED)
Illustration for article titled My Kafkaesque Nintendo Support Experience (UPDATED)

Now, I fully admit that I did not comply with the letter of the request. They asked for moving pictures and I stupidly provided two decidedly stationary ones. Mea culpa, I can cop to that much at least. A failing that was immediately pointed out to me:

The pics attached is not what they looking for.

Please supply a video.We need a few second video.


OK, fine. So I made the video, coming in at a whopping 14MB. I won’t attach it here because, well, it has exactly the same information as the two photos.

Finally, this issue would be sorted. Except there was one problem. It was now the 8th of April and I had originally sent the first email on 29 March. Having heard nothing for a few days I sent this:

Hi, I sent the video. Do you have any feedback?

Well, yes they did have some feedback:

Nintendo cant access the video as the video is to big, can you compress the video to a smaller size please.


I am sorry to say that at this point I lost my shit:

Is this a prank? Are you just having fun at my expense? A 14MB video is too big? Photos of the problem are somehow not good enough when they show exactly the same information as the video?


I no longer find this exchange particularly amusing and you have officially started to waste the time of a customer who has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your product. I am not very happy at all.

Here is a YouTube link to the same video, please let me know if you somehow find a way to fail at playing a YouTube video. Perhaps your offices are on Mars and the Martian government has a space firewall?


And there you have it friends. It’s not really about being charged $6 more than the advertised price, it’s about the troubling set of things that have to be true for this level of unhelpfulness to exist. Especially the fact that no one at Nintendo has access to the eShop for an entire country apparently. I still have heard nothing from support at this point, but perhaps my burst of snark has lead to a deserved snubbing. You’re free to make up your own mind.


And so, it ends with a damp squib

Good Day

The price of the game is actually correct and the Nintendo selects banner is wrong.
We will shortly adjust this.

Please Note this is a technical issue and will be resolved soon. The displayed price for the game is actually correct.

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