I'm really feeling it!
I love that my city is known for “The Spirit Catcher” which looks like a demon made of knives.

Summertime-ish (finally)

Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have something fun planned. We are finally set to have some summer-like weather around these parts after weeks of rain and cooler temperatures.


I don’t have any gaming news in my life from last week. We have friends of ours visiting this weekend to help celebrate my (and my wife’s) 22nd wedding anniversary and I was catching up on all the housework and chores I missed while I was sick for two weeks.

I kept thinking I’d find some time to play something but it never happened. You know those weeks where everything seems to get away from you and you sorely misjudged your time management skills.


I ended up just listening to podcasts and audiobooks while I was busy, but I’m definitely missing my games. Good thing our friends are also gamers and have yet to try any VR. I’ll be happy to let them experience our PSVR and all the queasiness and headaches that come with first-time use.

Thankfully there is loads for you to read around here this weekend with SixTAY going on, so you won’t be stuck with my ramblings to get you through.


So, what are you playing this weekend?

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