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When it comes to Oreo’s, I’ve never cared for many of the novelty or seasonal flavors that pop up in grocery stores every few cycles. In fact, these are the only flavors that have earned a permanent slot in my Oreo cookie rotation:

  • Original
  • Mint
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Any Fudge Dipped Varieties (Particularly the white fudge ones sold around the holidays)

Many of the candy themed or seasonal limited editions always give me pause that I’ll end up regretting buying a box of Swedish Fish or Birthday Cake and have to deal with it when no one else is willing to bite (editor’s note: *vomiting noises*). Hey, more power to you for braving these to begin with.

From time to time, however, I will come across a new flavor that I have to try at least once. As a consumer of almost all things dark chocolate, this one immediately stood out.

Enter Dark Chocolate Oreo’s.


Removing one of the chocolate wafers, the dark creme is its most distinguishing feature. When I first opened the box, I could barely tell apart the creme from the wafers. At first glance, this cookie is the “bad ass” cousin with a leather jacket and motorcycle of regular Oreo’s, which is why I was expecting a slightly different experience from those or their chocolate based brethren.

In reality, Dark Chocolate Oreo’s are a slightly more subtle chocolate creme based cookie. If I were to test these blindfolded, I probably couldn’t tell these apart right away from regular or chocolate Oreo’s. It’s a slightly less sweeter take on the Oreo without entering full blown novelty flavor territory.

The creme is pretty dark up close compared to the standard chocolate ones.

Going back to my “bad ass” analogy, this cookie probably waters flowers or feeds stray cats when no one is looking. That’s Dark Chocolate Oreo’s in a nutshell. A fairly garden variety cookie despite appearances, but a cut above some of weirder flavors the company has produced, which is really all I ask for in a cookie. I liked them quite a bit and can see myself picking these up on the regular.

That’s iced coffee in the background for those wondering; not a result of dipping the cookie!

... Not Dead Yet (*munch, munch, sip*)

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