I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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PSA - UPDATE: Please Read [Share Your Contact Info If You Want To. Back Up Your Articles]

Hey TAY,

I’m not sure if you’ve been following along with all that’s happening with Gizmodo media in past 24 hours (and months, if not years) but we’re at a point again where the future is uncertain for our gracious hosts who allow us a space on the Kinja network. Who knows what will happen and I’m hopefully not being anything more than an alarmist.


Update on 11/04/19: Bumping this given today’s events. We’re currently in a reprieve while management re-evaluates but please, back up your posts if you haven’t already done so.


We’ve done this once before and I was hoping we wouldn’t have to again but should we lose access to TAY, I’m asking to please (optional, of course—only if you want to share):

  • Drop your Twitter handles in the comments
  • If you’d prefer to reach me privately with e-mail addresses or the like and ask that I share with particular people (permissions pending, of course), I can do that too. My e-mail address is Zarnyx@gmail.com
  • Your Game Platform IDs (Steam, PS4, Xbox, Switch)
  • TAY’s Steam Community is linked here
  • [Update] TAY’s Discord is here:
  • Here’s GMG’s Discord:

In the past few years, so many of us have migrated to Twitter, Discord, and other means of personal communication. Let’s just make sure we got everyone covered with this post. It’s here if you need to make use of it, and I’ll update it with people’s contact info that they share publicly.

  • Narelle Ho Sang - @Zarnyx (twitter)
  • RadzPrower - Same name across platforms
  • DivisionTen - @divisionten (twitter), divisionten (Discord)
  • Raitzeno - @Raitzeno (twitter), Raitzeno (Discord)
  • Poey Gordon - @thepoey (twitter)
  • Tygore - Tygore (Discord)
  • Rer - @RerTV (twitter), Rer#0666 (Discord)
  • PSWii2008 - PSWii2008 (twitter), PSWii2008 (Discord)
  • Optional Objectives - @opobjectives (twitter)
  • Aikage - @Furbaikage (twitter), Aikage#4444 (Discord)
  • The Picky Gamer/Joseph Stanichar - @JosephStanichar (twitter), jstanichar@icloud.com (e-mail), JosephStanichar (Discord)
  • DisturbedShadow - @DisturbedShad0w (twitter, note: a “zero”), DisturbedShadow#0146 (Discord), DisturbedShadow (Steam)
  • Little Sparowe/Chiisaisuzume - @Little_Sparowe (Twitter), Steam / Origin / PSN: chiisaisuzume, chiisaisuzume#5142 (Discord)
  • Brian White/WingZero - @TheWhyOfBri (Twitter, Steam), WingZero351 (Xbox and PS4), BriBri#2992 (Discord), Switch ID: 6416-8307-5117, WingZero351@gmail.com (e-mail)
  • Big Bull - @tbuzzworthy (twitter)
  • TGrip - @Dennis_wglasses (twitter), Aventador SVJ (Xbox), No GRIPs Life#1014 (Discord)
  • DamsonRhee - DamsonRhee#1312 (Discord)
  • SSJGuil - @guilpoelsma (twitter)
  • Kinjhatman - @TwitHatman (twitter), PunkHatman (Steam), StreamHatman (Twitch), Hatman#0899 (Discord)
  • RedStripe118 - @RedStripe118 (twitter), RedStripe118#0277 (Discord)
  • Datacide - @datacide1 (twitter), Datacide (most platforms)
  • Dark Aether - Dark Aether (Discord. Can be reached via the TAY Discord)
  • Umrguy42 - @umrguy42 (Twitter), umrguy42 (PSN)
  • Ari - @combobroken (twitter)
  • DragonStorm247 - Same across platforms (no twitter)
  • noxx3 - @noxx31 (twitter), soundcloud, noxxemusic@gmail.com (e-mail)
  • pocoGRANDES - pocograndes#9084 (discord)
  • Meathead - @meathead373 (twitter), Meathead#0420 (Discord), Steam ID
  • DreaPoetic - @Drea_Poetic04 (twitter)
  • Geo Star - @geo_star101 (twitter)
  • DragonStorm247 - no twitter but the handle is the same across platforms
  • Stinolez - Same name across platforms, Twitter and Discord best places to reach
  • SeethingHatred - @seethingh8red (twitter), Seething hatred (Steam)
  • Animasocists - @Animasochists
  • Connor Worley - @reapertrilogy (twitter), StormOfStories (PSN ID), Smarty54 (Xbox Gamertag)
  • Kcet - @Team_ZS_Kcet (twitter), Kcet #1078 (discord), Kcet (steam), ZeroSlasher (Xbox/PSN - if requesting a friend add, please note your TAY handle or a message that you’re from TAY)
  • XMetalwolf - XMetalWolf#7283 (Discord), Steam: ID here
  • Devourbooks - Jesse#9524 (Discord)

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