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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum: "Delays" Edition

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Hi TAY! It’s Wednesday. Yet again. Wednesday has not been delayed unlike Final Fantasy VII. But maybe...it should be.

Delaying Wednesdays would mean not having to deal with the middle of the week blues. Although, it’d also mean you’d be no closer to the weekend. Being stuck in a state of Perpetual Tuesday seems like a bad thing. Is TV even good on Tuesdays? What are Tuesdays good for except being the day when everyone realizes: HEY. I guess I should do some work now.


Tuesdays are busy. Tuesdays...aren’t good days.

Still, is a Tuesday worse than a Wednesday? I don’t know...

I also don’t know where I’m going with any of this. I’m delaying thinking of an actual forum topic. Did you notice?


Here are your suggested topics:

  • What are your thoughts on Tuesdays?
  • Game delays are a part of life. They don’t bother me too much but so help me if Animal Crossing is pushed yet again... I’ll deal with it like a normal person. I mean, what else can I do? Not like I’m hurting for games. So, what’s one game delay that disappointed you? (We’re human. Disappointment is a real thing but knowing how to manage them in a healthy way is the key to not being part of a screaming internet mob).
  • If you were waiting on FFVII, now that it’s been delayed, does that throw your gaming plans off?
  • Which unreleased (planned) game do you wish you could play right now?

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