I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Developer Journal Mega Update #9

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I think I’ve finally worked through my writing problems for the moment. Instead of being focused on writing the story in order, I’ve decided to work on the scenes that have been in my head the longest first, and then go back in and tie those scenes together in the order that they’re intended. Not only does that let me finally get those ideas out, the ones I’ve had the longest, it also lets my brain think up new stuff without having the stress about what order that’s done. It’ll mean making sure is everything properly edited before it gets coded, but as long as it starts looking the way I want it to, it won’t be such a tedious step.


As such I’ve already got about 15k words done, which is a good amount of Zira’s route finished. I’m hoping to get all the writing done by the end of May, mid June at the latest, so I can put all the focus on the art assets. I’m going to aim for finishing the entire game by the end of Six-TAY Days of Writing, so that the completed game can get a September launch.

Realistically, that probably won’t happen, but if I push myself to meet a deadline, I’ll be more likely to get the work done. It’s been almost two years since I started Kaiju Crush, and while two years is not a bad amount of time for a single person to get a game started and finished, I’m really excited to see the end results and makes me JUST WANT IT TO BE DONE ALREADY YOU GUYS and that fidgety energy can actually cause more harm than good. It makes me want to be finished without actually doing the work. A deadline forces more discipline out of me. I was able to get as far as I am because I started this project for Six-TAY Days of Writing, so it’s only fitting that this challenge gets me over that last hurdle.

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