I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Choose Your Own Adventure! (A tutorial for how to get started is included!)

Look I’m no Stephen King, OK?
Look I’m no Stephen King, OK?

I had an idea that will 99.9% not work because this is kind of time consuming. BUT it might be fun to try, who knows! My idea is basically a choose your own adventure story that we would create. Now, unfortunately this is something that I think is most suited for Discord so if you wanna read what’s written so far or contribute you’re going to have to go there, sorry! Check the #choose-your-own-adventure channel after going through our verification/setup process if you’re new to Discord.


To do this we’re going to be using GamerBot and two of its features: Tags and Embeds.

How this will work:

In Word/Notepad/whatever

Write your story for whatever choice you’re picking from the previous page. Create two choices at the end with available page numbers. You can check the Page Numbers sheet to see available numbers.


Make an embed

Use the .embedset command. Change the title to your page number. Change the footertext to TAY and the footerimage to %guildimage%. quit. Use .embedshow ID to get the embed code. Copy that.


Create your page tag

Type .tagcreate .PAGENAME basic PASTEEMBEDCODE 

where .PAGENAME = something like .page1 .page50 .page100 or whatever. PASTEEMBEDCODE = the embedcode you got from .embedset.


Cross off whatever page you used in the excel sheet

VERY IMPORTANT if this is going to work. We have numbers 1 to 1000 to work with. As you create pages, cross off whatever page number you used using the “strikethrough” text option. Here’s that handy link again.


and that’s it!

I’ll now go into a quick tutorial on what the heck i’m on about with this embedset and whatnot.


Creating your very own embed

  1. Type .embedset
  2. Type Title Page # (type the actual number not the hashtag/pound sign)
  3. Type “description” and then space and then paste your page information. Make sure there’s only one space between description and your document information.
  4. Type footertext TAY
  5. Type footericon %guildimage%
  6. Type quit
  7. Note: If you want to insert a vertical space or, and I’m dating myself here, what’s known as a “carriage return” use \n. If you actually press enter to insert the return it will break when you go to make a tag. This is a known issue but for now just use \n and don’t worry when the output looks messed up. It’ll fix itself when you paste the code into a tag.
Note that my text isn’t quite right here. Instead of saying “turn to page 55" it should say “type .page55" Note tags cannot have spaces AFAIK so all tags will be page# no space.

Getting your embed code

Turning on developer mode (one time thing)

Look, here’s where I lose most of you. I know. I go back and forth with the dev of this bot because seriously, if commands require you to turn on developer mode they’re too complicated. So for those of you who are about to say “Eff this!” and “peace out” - wait! You can always get an embedcode from nadeko embed builder: Simply fill out the information in the website (https://embedbuilder.nadekobot.me/) and then click the copy button and paste from there. It seems simpler but in reality anything that requires you to leave discord, open another site, do your thing, copy the thing, then come back is never going to be more streamlined. There’s no risk to you by turning on developer mode it just adds some extra context options when you click on certain things. ANYWAY:

To turn on developer mode:

  1. Click your User settings cog in the lower left.
  2. Scroll to Appearance
  3. Toggle Developer Mode to On

That’s it. We use developer mode so that when we click on the three dot menu button on a particular message, we can get the message ID to send to Gamer. Once it’s on we never have to mess with it again so, hurray for that!

Using Embedshow to get the json embedcode

  1. Click the three dot menu of the embed that was created during .embedset and go to ‘copy message ID’
  2. type “.embedshow” and then paste the messageID that you got in step 1.
  3. Select the now visible code and copy it
This code actually throws an error because I forgot to use \n oops!

Making your Tag!

For anyone who has made it this far and is thinking, “Hot dog! This is a lot of work!” Keep in mind that the total length of all the gifs is about 30s. So, it’ll go quick once you get the hang of it, trust me!


So now we need to make a tag. A tag is simply an image or embed that shows up when a user types a command. So for us, we want to put that embedcode inside a tag so that when a user types .chooseadventure it will show the first page. For you, you will type .page2 or whatever page you’re working on.

  1. Type .tagcreate .page# basic embedcode

Don’t forget to Mark off any pages that you create!


Just strikethrough any page you create (don’t delete them please). You can sign off for posterity that you made it or just leave the field blank.

For those who sign their names you’ll be entered into a giveaway that will be done sometime at the end of June for three months of Discord Nitro.


Final note

Thanks for even getting this far. If you’ve read through all this you’re a good person. I have the ONE eensy weensy thing to say about .embedset - it’s in beta. This means that a lot of times it’ll create code that isn’t usable in tags. As long as you don’t put carriage returns (don’t hit enter to make a space), it should work fine but if not, just use nadeko. It’s a little more work I feel but for peace of mind it might be easier to just start there. Also you can add images to your embed using “image URLTOIMAGEHERE” while in the embedset dialogue. Anyway thanks again to anyone who makes a page. Feel free to @ me if you need help.

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