I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SixTAY Days of Writing 2020: The Final Push Day Four

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Achievement unlocked! I’m now working on the third act of Zira’s route! Technically I still have one scene to write for act two, but it’s not super critical that I write that now, especially now that I’ve gotten into a groove. At this point, my aim is to hang onto it as long as humanly possible and ride it to the ending, and then worry about coding and editing. In the past few routes I’ve been coding and writing all at the same time, but this time that’s far less important because I’m experienced enough now that I know what needs to be coded and how, and can worry about making the actual story part as good as possible. Once everything is written, drawn, coded and tested, my biggest obstacle will be to go back in, from beginning to end and play the entire game through in order to make sure that there aren’t any big glaring mistakes, parts that don’t flow, or plot points that don’t work. That’s why regardless of when I finish the game, the final product won’t actually be available for sale until after all that work is done. But I’m getting ahead of myself as Zira’s route is still a work in progress.


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