I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "To Quit Or Not To Quit" Edition

Hey TAY—welcome back to Wednesday. Another boring Wednesday in August because August is the dullest month of the year. Except not this year when all the months have bled into one, long nightmare. I hope everyone’s doing as well as they can though. Check in if you can or want to or whatever. All good.


Thanks to Ishamael for covering last week. Speaking of last week, I almost quit CrossCode. I recall Aikage not loving it too much and said that the story unravels very slowly and yeeeep, sure enough, it took 20 hours before any true inkling of story surfaced since the opening scene. TWENTY WHOLE HOURS. (okay, consider that 20 of my hours in which I decided to do as many sidequests as I could because why wouldn’t I get experience)

In the before time, I had a huge reserve of patience but these days, I’m finding that my patience runs thin. If games don’t grab me right away, I’m less inclined to accept them. But still, 20 hours is a while and I’m surprised I gave it that much. I was so close to moving on with life and playing too much Fall Guys instead. (side note: I played very little Fall Guys and realized too late that the Hotline Miami Jacket skin was available for an extremely limited time. I didn’t get it and now I have a sad).


Anyway, I stuck with it and now I’m enjoying it more. I still think some of the puzzles are too obtuse. But yeesh. Now I’m trying to fight a bull in a cave. He’s an angry bull. I probably won’t quit because I’m stubborn but I’m also saying that I spent a lot of good faith on this game already, so don’t press your luck, GAME.

For Today’s Suggested Topics:

  • What game should you have quit but instead played all the way through against your better judgment?
  • What games have you finished this year?
  • Anyone else play Fall Guys? What’s the cutest skin? And do you have the Jacket skin and can I be jells of you.
  • Talk about whatever you want! Like...what you ate today. or expect to eat.

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