I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Tournament: Bracket Predictions

For fun, since there’s only seven rounds left, we’ve been making bracket predictions to see if we can guess who will be the winner.

The final match ups are:

Pepper vs. Mayo

Meat Sauce vs Soy Sauce

Butter vs. Cheese Sauce

Ketchup vs. Sour Cream

Winner of (pepper vs. mayo) vs. (meat sauce vs. soy sauce)

winner of (butter vs. cheese sauce) vs. (ketchup vs. sour cream)

Final Round: yeah, you figure that out XD

Predicted winner:

Whoever is closest wins a shiny coin! wow! Bragging rights too I suppose!

Just leave em in the comments and I’ll link this post so you can update with how many points you have as we go.


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