I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Tournament: Results

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There ya go. Revel in it you sickos. Mayo wins.

You all vote mac and cheese as the best Thanksgiving side, yet vote Mayo as the best condiment over cheese sauce. There’s no rhyme or reason here you’re all insane.


I would like to thank Aiden, Datacide, UMURGUY, and all the people who consistently voted mayo so that I knew that mayo was going to mayo from the very first mayo....


sorry just thinking of mayo.

It’s so bad though. It’s horribly unhealthy and it doesn’t even taste very good. If I’m gonna go horribly unhealthy at least let me FEEL my arteries clog with that greasy cheesy goodness. Make it worthwhile!


Salt probably would have won because I’ve got it in spades.


Mayo. congrats.

For anyone who voted cheese sauce please let me know so I can send you 5 TAY bucks from George Soros.


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