I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: Distracting Distractions

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I’m writing this at 9:28 am. Why so late you ask? Well... I’ve been playing bloody Fall Guys all morning. Its sort of wormed it way into my morning routine. I wake up, I shower, I make tea and coffee, I play Fall Guys. It seems a fun game to play in the morning. Sometimes it even bleeds into the afternoon as all the days continue to bleed into each other.


Luckily, I remembered to write this so we all have a place to hang out and talk. So while Falls Guys inspired this topic I don’t really want to keep it limited to that. For example, while Fall Guys is a great distraction so is my Nintendo Switch and many other things.

For Today’s Suggested Topics:

  • Playing Fall Guys? I know this was asked yesterday but it was actually Z that made me try it out. So I feel justified in stealing her question.
  • What is your favourite go to distraction? Can be gaming or not.
  • Coffee or Tea? Or Both!
  • Random Question: I’m going to see Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula today and I’m curious if theaters are open in your area is anyone indulging in films again? Apparently only two other people have bought tickets to the showing. I love empty theaters.

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