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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Talk - Episode 7: Time Traveling Fruit Flies

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Episode 7

This Episode was supposed to be Quiddity, Aikage, and Cat Russell but Cat noped out at the last minute so Abracadaniel and Kidechka gamely stepped in. Thanks for saving the show!


We talk about

  • The repercussions of time travel is the main theme we come back to over and over again
  • Quiddity’s depression
  • Spoilers for Legion (skip to about seven minutes if you wanna avoid them)
  • Fruit Flies
  • Science
  • Brain Disorders
  • Drinking Problems.

Want to Be On an Episode?

Simply head over to the official TAY Discord and drop a message to us in the #podcast-application channel. We’ll add you to the guest queue and let you know when it’s your turn. If you’ve already applied to be on, know that you’re in the queue. We’ll reach out on Discord via DMs when it’s time to schedule you, so be sure to check! If you’ve already been on an episode, feel free to apply again and we’ll put you back in the queue!


Where to Listen

You can listen right here by using the Spotify embed below or download the episode here. You can also find TAY Talk on pretty much every platform where podcasts are available (though it might take more time for this episode to appear on some). You can find the full list here.


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