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I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum - Finally!

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It was always going to be this way. We all knew it. The longer these damn companies played chicken with each other the higher the chance they were going to crush into some leaks. Yesterday, this eventuality befell Microsoft and they were forced to reveal (something they should have revealed a long time ago...) the Xbox Series S. The console we all knew about but they had never confirmed.


It will cost $299 which is insane, hell even the price of $359 in Canada isn’t outlandish. In fact the price point is so appeal to many consumers, I don’t know why Microsoft wasn’t yelling it from the rooftops. Other reports show Microsoft has just announced the Xbox Series X will carry the expected price tag of $499 at launch which again makes sense. Both consoles will be purchasable through a financing plan of $25.00/month and $35.00/month. The obvious parallel being cell phone plans. In fact with this announcement I am suspecting we will be seeing an Xbox Series X Plus in 18 months time much like an iPhone, the pioneer of the model Microsoft seems to be emulating.

All this leaves Sony in a little bit of a lurch. Does it go higher price than the Xbox Series X (no way can it come close to the S) or try to undercut it to get boxes in peoples homes. This is of course important as Sony relies on selling boxes, Microsoft is pivoting to selling subscriptions, so do they take the hit? Also as a Canadian if Sony does come out for a $549 or god forbid a $599 console, that puts the Canadian price (and other foreign territories) in the god awful $700.00+ point. Which is poison for sales just ask the PS3.


So TAY some questions!

  • What do you think of the surprise Series S announcement? Does it appeal to you guys or you think its clearly a model designed for moms buying their kids their first console?
  • Anyone feeling a little apprehensive about the incoming PS5 price and the value these two consoles are offering?
  • Don’t you just love it when you’re writing something new information pops up forcing you to edit?

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