I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Thanatos Is The Best Boy, Of Course" Edition

Who can deny this is the best boy?
Who can deny this is the best boy?
Illustration: Supergiant Games

Hey TAY. Welcome back to Wednesday! For anyone who has actually been keeping track of days anymore...it’s actually Wednesday, yes. I think...ha, kidding. It is. Promise.


In my continued terrible habits of leaving games unfinished (something I tried not to do for a very long time but once in a while would slip bad and then five years laters, Persona 5 remains unplayed), I put down CrossCode to play Hades once more, now that it has gotten a full release.

I’m a huge Supergiant fan. Pyre is one of my favourite games and well, Hades is up there too. I’ve only played maybe three (?)rogue-likes/rogue-lites but I always enjoy them when I do. Enter The Gungeon which I suck at. The other is Dead Cells which is soooooo amazing. Unsurprisingly, Hades is pretty great as well. Because Supergiant has a magic touch for everything they’ve done so far.


I played the game for about 8 hours while it was in Early Access last year, and I was impressed then. I loved Charon’s theme (because Darren Korb remains the best composer). Now that I’m playing the full release, I’m hooked. Like, I-won’t-stop-until-I-beat-that-damned-final-boss, hooked. I’m close to it! I almost did it yesterday. Victory is close and I’m determined.

Also, oh yeah...I named the forum a particular thing right. Well, just so you know, Thanatos is the best boy because he has silver hair, and I have a problem. that’s all you really need to know. NOW HAVE SOME THANATOS THEME MUSIC:

For today’s suggested questions/topics:

  • Why aren’t you playing Hades?
  • You are playing Hades? Cool. Why isn’t Thanatos your favorite character?
  • What are your thoughts on rogue-likes?
  • Was anyone successful on getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X order in?
  • Do you plan on getting one during the launch year?

P.S. Before I am accused yet again of sleeping on Hypnos, please know that Hypnos is my other favorite and my best. And if you played Hades, you’d know why.

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