For those of you unable to look over my shoulder, here's a few screenshots I grabbed last night to share with you guys.

Poor Ultros just can't make it with any of the ladies. Who wouldn't want to hang out with such a fine specimen of octopus? Don't you just want to fry him up and smother him in marinara? Mmmm...

Ultros had a bad day and Gilligan - er, Gilgamesh is here to help! Don't these two just make the best pairing ever?


All aboard the Ninja Hype Train! Choo-choo! I just hope no one comes along to suplex it.


And does Kupo LV2 have what it takes to finally down Turn 9 and move one step closer to saving the realm? Find out next ti- wait, not next time? How about the one after- no? Well, they'll save the realm eventually....