1. I ordered a used copy of Super Mario World on eBay. Condition was "very good". Won it for $12 after shipping. It was covered in brownish-yellow gunk and had Cheetos dust inside. I took an hour to clean it, but it worked well after 12 Q-tips worth of pin cleaning.

2. History will never be able to preserve games with excessive DRM. Once those servers go down, they will be forgotten by time.

3. Cardcaptors of the Clow expect the unexpected now.

4. David Lynch is a fine filmmaker. I set my new phone's wallpaper as the red room from Twin Peaks.

5. Speaking of phones, I'm a devious man. I needed a second phone for my job, so I went into Best Buy Mobile and shopped around. Virgin was offering an unlimited everything (well, 2 GB of data, but everything else was unlimited) for $60 a month. They also offered a Blackberry for $0 with a free $75 Best Buy giftcard. So whatever. I started using my new work phone, and I fell in love with it. I decided I wanted one myself, but I owed my current service provider (Koodo) a ton of money. Because I'm devious, I called them up and threatened to leave - I do this whenever I don't want to pay for overages or a new phone, but I don't accept the bullshit $20 credit they normally throw at me. I got them to erase $85 in overages and $25 off my "tab". To thank them for this, I left them anyway. Got the same phone as my work phone, on a $25 contract, with another giftcard - and I only had to pay $25 to cancel. Teach them to constantly rape me with insanely overpriced overage fees.

6. With those giftcards, I bought two copies of Borderlands 2 for the fiance and I, and a Sega Genesis controller for my Retron 3 (yes, they actually sell those now). Still have $90 left - thinking of buying all of Twin Peaks, though I also kinda want the Mass Erect Trilogy and a BlazBlue game they have used for cheap.

7. Yusuke and Gon announced for Jump VS. Fuck Super Smash Bros., Jump VS. character announcements are way more fun.


8. I quite enjoy my new job. I have no idea what I'm doing sometimes, but I'm getting better at it everyday.

9. Why isn't Elder Scrolls Anthology available for preorder in Canada yet? Bollocks.

10. I kinda love these new Pokemon announcements. Mega forms are a great concept - I just hope they look more like Ampharos's design than Mewtwo's.


11. Silencio.... Silencio... No hay banda... NO HAY BANDA.

12. Gabe Newell is keeping the restaurant industry afloat.

13. Shardik, Morie, Sloshy and TUT have read this.

14. American beer is like sex in a canoe - it's fucking close to water.

15. I

16. I have a fatty pile of movies I don't want sitting beside my TV. These include The Doors, Nosferatu (because it doesn't have the original German audio, so fuck that movie), Die Hard (because I bought a better version), and honestly, I can't remember any others without physically looking at the pile. It's a good thing I'm trading them in.


17. I drive a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire. It has weird faded paint, snow tires, an antenna that sticks out a good 6 inches out from the car, and I found a Taylor Swift CD in the disc drive. It also revs up to 100 from 50 in like 3 seconds. I love my shitty car. GOTTA GO FAST.

18. Most of the people who are famous today should be caned to death.

19. I mostly listen to jazz on the radio. Keeps the stress away, and the news is about things that actually matter. If I didn't work with a handful of gossips, I'd have zero information about the daily life of Justin Beiber.