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20 Years After Senna

On this day 20 years ago, like many other times before I was watching the Formula 1 racing Grand Prix in San Marino. I was not a die hard fan like my dad, I was just waiting to get a vacant living room TV so I could get back to playing Super Nintendo. But I do admit to quite enjoy the car design and other such aspects of pushing things to the limit, something I still do nowadays. I had no clue it was my first time I was about to watch a person die live on TV, but sadly we all know what happened on lap 7: Senna's car went straight into the concrete wall at speeds over 200 km/h and that was it. It was the last time I watched Formula 1.

This tragedy still makes us nowadays question the safety of every human being in racing sports worldwide. Just exactly how far is too far? Just what price must pilots pay for entertainment of the masses? A question that must always be kept relevant and quite present in today's sports entertainment business everywhere.


Thanks to a collaboration with SEGA, Ayrton Senna was immortalized in a video game collaboration for Megadrive, Master System and Game Gear: "Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II", an improved home only sequel to the Arcade's first game conversion. Not only I can still enjoy the game nowadays, it is always nice to be able to hear to Senna's speech samples encouraging the player as he races.

Senna was a role model to many. His tragic death made him a legend. Gone but never forgotten, I salute and remember with this TAY post Ayrton Sennna da Silva not only as the amazing F1 pilot pilot but the man.

*OMAKE* A tribute from the SlipstreamGX team, a ship with the livery of Senna's McLaren MP4/4.


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