2015 had a fairly easy first half of the year, but in the past five months, YouTubers have been stepping it up. Many are releasing some fantastic content which either hasn’t been seen in a long time, or just raises the bar for quality content on YouTube. Here’s a list (by category) of the best YouTubers for 2015.

Best Researched: Game Theory

Game Theory, the channel FNAF addicts and conspiracy theorists make their home.

Matthew Patrick, better known as MatPat, has made some of the most detailed videos in youtube history. From discussing the plausibility of surviving being shot in the head to the disturbing revelation that Mario is dead even in the new games, MatPat is a god among theorists because he knows how to research a topic. Scoring a perfect score on his SAT, Patrick got his degree in acting and programming, which is where he learned his popular enthusiastic personality and skills which he eventually began using for Game Theory [1]. MatPat has exceptional work ethic, putting out videos discussing complicated topics weekly. In his tour video “Game Theory EXPOSED,” Matpat highlights his daily work routine which for the most part involves sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours a day researching the topic of his video.

Despite infamously making a mistake in a FNAF video regarding brain behavior (a mistake so egregious, Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, called the mistake out in the comments of the video), MatPat is rarely wrong in his research which is impressive considering the tough topics he takes on in his videos (namely brain behavior).


When Game Theory takes on a theory which requires funding, or outside help, MatPat has always shown gracious professionalism in handling a sponsorship. When MatPat wanted to discuss the validity of the gadgets of Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft sponsored Game Theory by having real-life Counter-Terroris units talk to to MatPat and several other YouTubers. They talked about each gadget in the game, and whether those gadgets would see real-life use or not, thus determining how realistic Rainbow Six: Siege is.

The episode did not act like a shameless promotion, but rather a well informed insight into the minds of a swat unit.

Most loyal theorists know MatPat is dedicated to his work, and within the past year has brought a new level of quality and informative work into his videos.


Most Informative: Xbox Ahoy

Best described as the “The Video Game Documentarian,” Stuart Brown (AKA, XboxAhoy) has managed to teach gamers more about the cold war in his 15 minute videos than the History Channel can in an hour. Beginning his legacy with his Iconic Arms series just over a year ago, Brown began creating documentary-style videos which contained a shockingly large amount of historical content. The Iconic Arms series takes a look at some of the most reknown firearms in human history, namely the AK-47, M16, and Desert Eagle. In the series, Brown conveys perfectly the roots of the weapon, what made it so popular, and how it is incorporated into modern media.


Having taken a five-month hiatus this year to produce his new series, “Nuclear Fruit,” Brown ended up with an hour long documentary which discusses the cold war in great detail and its effect on video game culture. It further shows Brown’s brilliant ability to convey historical information to his audience without boring or confusing them.

Brown’s newer series’ also have a distinct art style which sets his videos out from professional documentaries, all the while beating out every bit of his competition. The graphics and editing style of Brown is near perfect, and show a serious desire to make his videos as seamless and entertaining for the viewer.

A perfect example of Brown’s obvious desire to create high quality content is evident in the fourth part of his “Nuclear Fruit” documentary, at the 7:24 mark. Notice the way he uses the screen wipe to cut to gameplay from another game?


Rather than using a hard cut, Brown utilizes the gameplay on display to make his video flow much better. The Ahoy channel is ripe with detail in every one of his videos, and as a whole make them much more enjoyable to watch and learn from.

Brown’s exemplary work in the field of historical documentation is some of the highest quality videos you can find on youtube.

Without a doubt, I would have preferred watching “Nuclear Fruit” in freshman year instead of the countless documentaries about Gorbachev and how messed up the Soviet Union was.


Biggest Comeback: The Yogscast

2015 was rough for the Yogscast. Throughout the first 2/3s of the year, there was a serious imbalance in who appeared on the main channel, as well as what kind of content was on the channel. Simon had surgery and was off of the channel for six months, a massive blow to the channel since he was a co-founder, the channel’s picture was his character Honeydew, and the channel is named after him.


For a while, everyone hated Sips for being on the channel too often, which was justified because he was in 4/5 of the channel’s videos for a few months. Then, as the Yogscast got the idea people were sick of Sips, everyone immediately started hating Kim because of how energetic she was during videos.

The channel had serious trouble maintaining its audience as a result of a decline in content quality. Even viewers such as myself who have been following the channel since before its rise to fame in 2011 had trouble sticking around.

Without Simon around the channel as well as the people running it just seemed less enthusiastic in every video. Simon has energy in the same way Kim does, only Simon involves other people in his antics much more often which is what made the channel so exciting for viewers and the people on the channel. The channel was lost without Simon.


But then, on September 25th, the second season of The Yogscast’s Trials series begun and Simon came with it.

Right about then, everything shot back up in quality, from more MMO content (which is how the channel started), to intense live-action videos, the channel felt alive again.

Within the past month, drastic changes have been made all for the better. The channel is ripe with alternative content from the usual GTA, GMod and Minecraft videos, all of which became monotonous without filler in between.


The Yogpod, the podcast which made Simon and Lewis (the original founders of the Yogscast) famous has even been returned after its two and a half year hiatus, to great reception.

To all Yognauts, the past month has been exciting and reinvigorating to watch life return to the Yogscast.

Best Group: Funhaus


Previously known as Inside Gaming, Funhaus joined RoosterTeeth earlier this year for their brand new channel which functioned almost identically to the Inside Gaming channel, only with a better workspace and better workforce. When the group worked for Machinima, the Inside Gaming members edited not only their own videos, but also Inside Gaming Daily, their news show. With the added help of RoosterTeeth’s The Know crew, Funhaus members have had more time to work on their own videos, as well as branch out into new content.

The group has mostly stayed the same with all of its 7 members, but all have improved their presence on the channel. Every video series has been improved tremendously, with more time being put into each episode of Open Haus or Demo Disk.

Funhaus is clearly allowed to do whatever the hell they want, which is why they are so charming. A majority of Demo Disk episodes begin with attempting to make a demo to work, only for the video to devolve into a bunch of guys laughing at animated porn.


The Funhaus crew knows how to use a sponsorship. Live action shorts like the Rock Band sponsored stories of their amazing fake band, Sex Swing, take full advantage of their sponsorships, and make them incredibly funny without sacrificing their amazing humor for the PR executives who have to approve of the video.

You know Funhaus is good at negotiating when they convinced Harmonix to let a man die, then be revived after an overdose during a Rock Band promotion.

Also they like to make themselves look gay as hell even though most of them are married. These guys are way too comfortable with each other, which is why they’re amazing.


Funniest Videos: VideoGameDunkey

Dunkey is a goddamn psychopath. He has anger issues, he’s toxic, and he has a tendency to be completely unproductive in his videos. He’s freaking hilarious. Bless this mess of a man.


He is the living embodiment of toxicity in League Of Legends, which he embraces. Instead of turning this into a reason for people to hate him, he makes it a funny focus of his videos. Sadly, this is what got him banned from the game, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Within the past month, Dunkey has stopped making League Of Legends content, and began making random videos about whatever he finds relevant. From Metal Gear Solid V “The Phantom Menace” to “Dundertale,” Dunkey has attracted the attention of millions more viewers, and rightly so.

His speech is borderline incoherent, as he rages into oblivion in Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road from falling off the map every 4 seconds.


His ramblings on Shadow Jesus (the burning man) dying in zanzibar in Metal Gear Solid V shows his giddiness for the series and how much time he spends crafting clever jokes for each situation.

“IT CANT BE.... THE OCULUS RIFT!” He says, to a man wearing night vision goggles.

Fastest Growing: LeafyIsHere


300 thousand subscribers in 2 months. This guy and his fanbase like reptiles. Enough said.



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