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2nd Annual TAY Post-Opening Gift Showing

So here we are again TAY, at the end of another year and enjoying the company of friends and family after another holiday season. A good many of you have probably carefully unwrapped whatever gifts you have received, or will be on your way to doing that soon! Did you get what you wanted? Any welcome surprises? If you got something particularly fantastic show us or tell us about it in a comment below! Doesn’t matter what it is, gaming-related or not (Maybe a particularly fabulous pair of socks?)!

Like last year, I’ve used this as an opportunity to round out my amiibo collection. I’m now only missing the Giant Yarn Yoshi (which is always accompanied with thoughts of where the natural conclusion for my collection will be...).


I also got a nice Herschel backpack, which I’ve wanted for about a year. My dad surprised me with some of my scent-du-forever: Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce. It’s literally the only cologne I wear so it was a welcome surprise. Also Miyazaki films from my mom that I didn’t have before!

What about you guys? Comment below, show-and-tell-style, wish each other happy holidays and whatnot!

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