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343i Employee Skins Dropped in Halo 5 HCR REQ Packs


(Via the 12/4/2015 Halo Community Update)

If you’re still looking to grab the HCS REQ Pack, be sure to do so before 12noon PT this Sunday. And, to the few dozen of you who were awarded 343 weapon skins for a short period yesterday, we expect to see you in the studio by Monday morning. In total, 57 Assault Rifle and 44 Magnums were given out, and if you were one of the lucky recipients, these are yours to keep. As a note, no 343 emblems have been awarded, so if you run into a player with a 343 emblem, you can be sure that you’re indeed teaming with or going up against a 343 employee.



I wanted to document/share this in order to see what happens (i.e. how 343i handles the situation- which I will explain). Yesterday 12/3/2015 was the start of a 72 hour campaign where you could purchase a REQ pack valued at $9.99 in order to receive special promotional skins for the Halo World Championship series.

Buying one of these packs contributes to the grand prize value of the tournament itself and the skins are designed to promote the event:


Interestingly though, 343i gave players an incentive to buy more of these more expensive REQ packs. Every subsequent purchase of an HCR REQ GUARANTEES rare or higher cosmetic unlockables.

To make a long story short, I (along with a handful of others who were probably around when the event first dropped) decided to buy two packs and ended up shocked when “343 Industries” popped up on one of the mythic rewards in the second pack. It was a 343i magnum skin!


Others have reported receiving a 343 player emblem as well as another weapon skin for the assault rifle.

It would seem that these items are indeed impossible to get now and I’d wager the glitch that allowed them to pop up for everybody was corrected very quickly after these REQ packs went live.


I’m curious to see where this goes. Community emotions are mixed on this. I can understand the frustrations from the people who missed out. On the other hand, I really don’t want to lose this skin! So to echo the sentiments of greenskull in the video above, please don’t take it away 343 ;).

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