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Hey-there-ho-there TAY denizens, hopefully everyone is having a joyful holiday! Welcome back to the annual TAY gift showing! Hopefully everyone here already has or is about to unwrap a ton of gifts. Was there any unexpected excitement with your presents this year? How about something odd but still wonderful? Let everyone know in the comments! Doesn’t matter if it’s gaming related, it could even be some fancy underwear! (Note to self, need to buy more underwear)

I’ve gotten some things I’ve had on my wish list for a while like a new S’well water bottle (It’s big enough to hold a whole bottle of wine!) and of course keeping my Amiibo collection rounded out. Some more practical things I got are sweaters Abercrombie and these warm Sperry duck boots that I’ll be sure to need when it snows in the new year. Also a 20th anniversary Pikachu plush, a Mewtwo hat, and a Fitbit! I wasn’t able to open my TAY Secret Santa gift with everyone else so I figured I’d open it here, I got a guide to all things Crystal Gems and badges from Pokémon’s Kanto region!


I also got a Christmas Pikachu plush from a coworker but I haven’t brought it home, so it’s stuck at work and unable to be photographed:

So who here has a particularly special gift, or gifts, they want to show off? Be sure to comment below, show-and-tell-style, wish each other happy holidays and be sure to enjoy the rest of the day!

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