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The Nintendo Switch is just 16 days away, and I am very excited for the system. In order to have enough money to buy it on day one, I sold my Wii, lots of Doctor Who merch that my dad keeps giving me even though I asked him to stop, and lots and lots of Amiibo. So why am I writing about why you shouldn’t buy one at launch? Because you hopefully aren’t as hopelessly fanatic about Nintendo as me and can actually made economically rational decisions. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the Switch on day one:

1. Not enough games at launch

Personally, I will be perfectly happy with having The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch, and honestly probably for at least the next six months, but what if someone doesn’t (gasp!) like The Legend of Zelda, or already owns a Wii U? There are nine other games, but the only exclusives are 1-2 Switch, while is fascinating but nowhere near being worth $50, and Super Bomberman R doesn’t look to be look like a system seller. Most of the other games are available on other systems with much larger libraries than the Switch will have at launch. Until Splatoon 2 comes out three to six months later, there aren’t any big new releases on the console that we know of. Granted, there are a handful of other games releasing before Splatoon 2 on the system such as Snipperclips, Arms, and Sonic Mania, but these games aren’t huge AAA releases despite how great they very well might end up being. If you either don’t like Zelda or are fine playing the Wii U version, you’re probably better off waiting until the holidays for when the Switch will have a healthy library of games.


2. Online

While the online service is technically free until Fall, there won’t really be any games that use online at launch, so you get a “free” service that won’t do anything for you until Arms and Splatoon come out, and there are only a few months left at that point when the service is still free.

3. Virtual Console

While it’s entirely possible that Nintendo could announce an amazing line-up for launch, the days they have left to do so are almost up. One of the coolest ideas about the Switch is the fact that you can take your games anywhere and play any game on your TV, which means that we could play GameBoy games on our TV and take N64 games on the go, for example. However, this is a moot point fir as long as the Switch doesn’t have virtual console games, and from the looks of it, we won’t be getting many at launch, if any.


4. Price

First of all, a $300 launch price is not ridiculous. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest console launch prices ever when accounting for inflation. But that doesn’t really matter, because the Switch isn’t competing with the PS4 and Xbox One’s launch prices. It’s competing with their current prices, which can easily be found below $300 even with a pack-in title, which the Switch doesn’t include, so the absolute minimum you could pay would be around $360 unless you want to have the Switch just to stare at it. And if you want the Pro Controller, that’s $70, pushing you up to $430! And just for fun, let’s say you want the Zelda DLC and Amiibo. Congratulations, my friend, you’ve spent over $500 on video games in one day. However, if you wait until later, there’s always the possibility of a price drop, or at least a version with a pack-in game. And if not, at least used systems will be in circulation for those who want to save a few bucks.


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