I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Whats up! I get excited for E3 every year. I usually make it a point to watch all of the big conferences from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. I’ll check out individual publishers as well, this year I’m looking forward to checking out Square Enix and Bethesda. Bethesda really surprised me last year with the games they showed which has encouraged me to be hyped for this year. Sony is of course my favorite conference, they’ve had blow out conferences the last few years running. Nintendo certainly gave them a run for their money last year. Microsoft where you been at? I totally want a good old fashioned console war. Here’s a few crazy predictions with almost no merit behind them whatsoever besides a burning sensation in the back of my mind.


1. Diablo II HD remaster announced for PC, XB1, PS4, Switch.

Where? E3 Nintendo Direct Tuesday, June 12 9AM PST, opening title.

Wildest Imagination - Showcased on the Switch handheld mode, console mode, online functionality, and with some good old fashioned couch co-op. I’m not the biggest D2 fan, I played it for damn sure and had a great time. I don’t revere it as much as the gaming public but it’s a fine game. I’m sure putting it on current gen systems would be able to “Switch” me to being a bigger fan. I know how feverish D2 fans are and how let down they were by D3. Power move by Nintendo would be to launch it in September alongside the rollout of their online platform. It is almost a certainty the new Smash Brothers will be launching alongside the Nintendo Online platform, what better way to get some subscriptions outside of the Nintendo enthusiasts.


Reality - It will be announced at Blizzcon this year for PC only. Someone will also comment on how a D2 remake is impossible.

2. Tony Hawk’s SK4TE by EA

Where? EA’s press conference Saturday June 9th 11AM PST, closer title.

Fantasy Train - Tony sure has to be peeved at Activision for putting out that lame excuse (TH5) of a video game and slapping his name on it. We’re talking about a premier athlete who’s name has only been associated with greatness. Skate 4 has been rumored for a while. EA and Activision go head to head every year with their big title releases. I would love to see this, it would be a great reminder of what the 90’s era console wars looked like. Skate also happens to be a great video game franchise that has surprisingly been absent for far too long.


Reality - We get a Skate 3 remaster so they can see how interested we are. PS4 and X1 only. Tony Hawk stays pissed off and stuck with Activision.

3. From Software’s next game revealed

Where? Sony press conference Monday June 11th 6PM PST, 2nd title shown off.

In a galaxy far far away - We’re getting a Souls style Armored Core. Soul’s punishing combat, upgrade system, and a bleak dystopian futurescape to plod around in. The big twist for this new title would be featuring mech and ground combat and potentially a much bigger world to explore. I’m ahuge Souls fan but at this point I’m ready to see From Software blow me away again with something new. Each iteration of the Souls series has been great but after almost 5 titles I think it’s time to move on and see what this talented developer can do with a different IP.


Reality - We get Bloodborne 2 or a successor, still a Sony exclusive. I will still buy it day 1.

4. Rocksteady’s title is still based on Batman.

Where? Microsoft press conference Sunday June 10th, somewhere in the middle after their 20th Forza title.

When I win the Lotto - Plenty of rumors have been circulating about Rocksteady’s new game, Superman or Justice League. I think they’re just gonna be making another Batman game. It’s been too long since they’ve released or announced a new title. I totally think they may have been working on one of the titles I listed above but poor reception of the DC cinematic universe forced them to pivot. Warner Brothers needs to do damage control on one of their most important franchises in Batman. I loved the Arkham games but most likely they will be leaving the Arkham moniker behind and going with something new.


Reality - Nothing is announced because they had to scrap their Justice League game based on the poor performance of the movie. We’ll see their next game at the very end of this generation and the launch of the next gen.

5. F4ble is announced

Where? Microsoft press conference Sunday June 10th 1PM PST, opening game.

When Nintendo goes third party - It might technically be Fable 5, I loved Fable 2 and hated the rest of the games. What would a new Fable game look like? A fantasy themed Destiny clone. The tutorial would essentially be a character creation system. Similar to systems they had in the original Fable series where your appearance would change based on what happened to you earlier in the game. It would fast forward and plop you into a shared fantasy world. Tons of exploring, loot, and replaying the shit out of the same activities. I need a few reasons to play my Xbox again, this could be one of them.


Reality - Fable is probably dead, MS for some reason have decided to ignore their IP or are just making enough money from Minecraft.

Bonus - This wasn’t good enough to make the top 5.

Destiny 2’s New game mode is MOBA-ish

Where? Sony’s Conference sandwiched in the middle.

Activision touted that Destiny 2’s newest expansion, codenamed Comet, will feature a new game mode never featured in an FPS before. They dropped this little nugget of information during an investor call. I wracked my brain trying to come up with what they could be hinting at. I know that it has to be a big popular mode. I’m so tired of battle royale get it the fuck out of here. I’m guessing MOBA centric, focused on the tower/lane defense mechanic. You could set it up 4v4, you get to attack opposing guardians while creeps are randomly spawning. I’m not saying this would be fun, but could totally see Bungie dropping some crazy shit like this to reinvigorate Destiny 2 (along with fixing the loot).


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