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5 Video Games Made From Movies That Were Worse Than Batman (NES)

Movies that are made from video games invariably blow. But did you know that there are frequently video games based off of movies, and that these too, invariably blow. Welp now you will as I count down the Top Five Worst Video Game Adaptations of Movies.

5. Street Fighter: The Movie: The Video Game


This was seriously a thing. The movie made so much money in the alternate dimension where this game was created that they decided the next logical step was to pump out a PSX game based on it. Because no one had ever heard of playing a fighting game with characters from a movie based on the same fighting game that the movie was based off of. My head hurts.

4. Fight Club


I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. Like quoting the movie, this game got old real fast with shallow combat, awful animations, and glitchy animations. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s ask Metacritic users.

.well lets just say I cried like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I was fighting in the game and all of a sudden Player 2’s health shoots up from critical to full while mine’s stay critical and never ever boosts up! WTF!? Also all I have to do is button mash to win if the other’s player’s health doesn’t shoot up tremendously. Also the characters whebn injured look really strange, unatural,and disfigured BLEH!

The story line sucked, it was not at all challenging. And the cut scenes were all stills not action,


3. Total Recall


I’m pretty sure Acclaim was forced to make a Total Recall game against their will. They really wanted to make a Terminator video game but their bosses said no. An excerpt from Defunctgames.com’s review

These stages are only made worse with the addition of some of the worst enemies in any 8-bit game. Every baddie is specifically designed to ruin your day, to the point where it often feels like the computer is cheating. Quaid is only able to punch and use a gun, but neither of these are very effective. Making matters worse, the enemies are fast and persistent. They’ll stay on you until you die, which generally doesn’t take very long. The game’s terrible check point system certainly doesn’t help you. Gamers who beat Total Recall are either very dedicated, lucky or stupid. Perhaps it’s a combination of all three.


2. Jaws


A contentious pick maybe, but I feel this game really deserves the #2 spot. It was horrid. Even at the age of 8 - 10, whenever I played this game, I could tell that it was bad. There was a sequence where you scuba’d and shot animals with a harpoon (PETA WHERE WERE YOU THEN?) and collect shells to increase your attack, then another sequence where you pooped out cannonballs from your boat. The end. Eventually you faced jaws and died. Seriously, did anyone ever actually BEAT jaws? I remember the game being so stupidly difficult that it was one of the few times I just stopped playing a game.


1. ET


I don’t even know if this one needs an explanation. This game was so bad that ATARI literally buried the game in New Mexico to get rid of it.


I guess, to be fair, there was a copy of centipede down there as well.

Thanks to Spacegar, who I totally copied.

Top image from wtfgamers

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