I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Day 50

Symbol Pokemon

Gonna keep it short for today!

50 illustrations down! Today marks 50% of the Dex complete and introduces a gif for the focus of the day. Unown is an entity of many varieties, so I wanted to showcase each of them in this fashion.


The thought was to put them in the Ruins of Alph, and just highlight the letter varies (no question mark or exclamation point here). Bricks are broken and stand the test of time. Plant life crawl across an abandoned wall. The Unown have their own stories to tell...who can decipher them?


There isn't much to say since the work should speak on it's own. It's a simple gif that was made through gifmaker.me and for some reason is smaller than what was used to create it. Oh well! Hope you guys enjoy!


Announcement: One a Day is going to be put on hiatus now that we've touched 50. A few of you know that I've been working on my pitch for an animated series and also submitting an application for Nickelodeon's Artist Program. In an effort to really give both these things my full attention, I'm going to put One a Day on hold and it will return April 6th. The deadline for Nickelodeon matters is March 31st, which falls on a Tuesday so it wouldn't be right to start up One a Day the next day in the middle of the week, hence why it will start on the Monday after.

Hope you understand! Thanks and have a nice weekend!


Question of the Day: You are an explorer and have finally reached the Ruins of Alph. You decipher a code that somehow evolves Unown into a new form! Give this new form a name, describe what it is and the pre-requisites to evolution.

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