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Memes are the sole reason the Internet exists. But, if you thought the actual Internet invented them - shame on you! A video game franchise known as Street Fighter contained, sometimes in fetal form, many of our beloved memes. Need proof?

Here are 6 side-by-side comparisons of popular memes and their (possibly) Street Fighter origins.


1. Twerking

Kids are deeply obsessed with twerking - the strange ability to make butt cheeks jiggle automatically. If you think Miley Cyrus invented this shaking derriere dance move, you'd be wrong. Fifteen years prior, R. Mika's honestly attempted to make her own butt cheeks jiggle, albeit manually, as part of her special butt attack.

2. Planking


Planking is the act of lying face down in an inappropriate place, sometimes on inappropriate things. Certainly, this was not something bored, suburban kids thought up all by themselves. They were imitating the infamous M. Bison's Psycho Crusher special move. Look how comfortably M. Bison planks on this grocery cart. A born planker.

3. Hadokenning


Hadokenning is when one person imitates the classic Street Fighter special move called Hadoken. Ken and Ryu were using it in all-out karate death matches well before older sisters were throwing them at their little brothers. Luckily, Street Fighter actually gets credit for this violent meme.


4. No. Rage Face


5. With piercing eyes and a terrible frown, No. Rage Face is one of the most unfriendliest faces on the Internet. Don't you think Ryu's face has an uncanny likeness? Yes, you do! Ryu FTW!

5. Deal With It


6. Fact of the matter is, Guile's been telling us to "deal with it" since the 90's. Look at that smug face, that pose, that haircut! Guile did it first; deal with it.

6. Zangief Kid


Up against a wall, getting punched in the face, Zangief kid had no other reasonable course of action, except to pile drive his assailant into the concrete. Though it's true that bullies really deserve remediation classes in being a decent human being, this'll do in the meantime. And we all have Street Fighter to thank for that.

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