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Another sale but the same dilemma: how to figure out what to buy? Let me give you some pointers about which games you will actually play instead of dumping them on the ever-growing backlog - all of them costing less than your lunch. Some of them might be a bit older, but none of them have aged badly.



Unconventional setting, unconventional style, and unconventional story. The non-linear gameplay has you sneak around open areas, use the environment, traverse the spirit realm and manage weapons from different eras. Plus it features RPG elements and offers optional side quests, so if you wanna stay a little bit longer and hunt for Conquistadors, you can.

Her Story

If you like playing detective then this is the game for you. An example of how a single simple gameplay mechanic can be turned into masterful storytelling. Type keywords to search interrogation tapes and pay close attention to puzzle together what happened. It had me hooked within minutes and didn’t let me go even after discovering all the tapes.

The Stanley Parable


This unique game turns the basic illusion of free will and choice in interactive storytelling on its head. It seems approachable and simple but at the same time challenges you to play with it like no other game. And you can discover all of its brilliance on one evening (unless it’s a Tuesday).

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter


A gorgeous walking simulator with a melancholic mood, intriguing story, and varied puzzles. You can finish it in one sitting, but it will linger in your mind a while longer.



A fun 2D noir game that turns it’s urban environment into your playground. The gameplay pleasantly challenges you to think outside the box.

Brothers - A Tale Of Two Sons


This emotional tale puts a twist on its gameplay by making you control two characters at once (gamepad required!). A relatable and emotional tale about hope and loss.

Spirits of Xanadu


This game might be small, but it distils the formula of space horror to its absolute essence, channeling big titles like System Shock. A tight and unsettling experience that doesn’t lack and offers multiple endings.

Are there any other short and cheap gems I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

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