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I'm really feeling it!
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99 Invasions: #1-20

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Dark Souls II comes out on PC in just over a week. That's cool. Yet, there are still many people playing Dark Souls, probably in preparation. So, as such, I've made it my duty to test the current players the only way I know how; invading them.


I've stocked up 99 Cracked Red Eye Orbs. These let me invade other player's games. Technically, my goal is to kill the person I'm invading. The person I'm invading knows that. However, upon invasion, I'll send them a message telling them otherwise: If they are polite, then they will be rewarded. As long as they bow or gesture their tranquility with the situation. If they attack they die. Can Dark Souls players learn to trust again?

Here are the results for the first four, I'll add more as they come in:

Invasion 1

Sent message. Player dropped item for me to pick up. It was rubbish (wow.) Attempted to attack me. Killed host.


Invasion 2

Player happily bowed and accepted all gifts. Waved as I left.

Invasion 3

Sent message. Golden phantom tried to kill me. Killed golden phantom. Host tried escaping to area boss, but was killed.


Invasion 4

Sent message. Got laughed at. Ganked with dark magic. Died. Host sent messages saying I was reported for sexual innuendo (???)


Invasion 5

Immediately disconnected.

Invasion 6

Took gift but attacked me and summoned a phantom. Killed phantom and host.

Invasion 7

Slightly antsy (politely asked me not to kill him,) but was polite, received gifts. I left.


Invasion 8

Sent thank you messages as I delivered gifts. Left with a wave.

Invasion 9

Host begrudgingly accepted gifts. Sent messages not understanding the concept of an invader giving gifts. I left.


Invasion 10

Host took first gift. Accidentally walked into miniboss's range to accept next gift. Watched him kill miniboss. Gave him a little extra to make up for it. I left. Sent thank you message afterwards.


Invasion 11

Host died after I sent message.

Invasion 12

Gave me gifts in return for mine. I left :)

Invasion 13


Invasion 14

Ran into the guy from invasion 6. Gave him the benefit of the doubt. He backstabbed me. I destroyed him.


Invasion 15

Had some attitude, but was polite enough to get gifts. Bowed as I left.

Invasion 16

Ran into guy from invasion 15. Pretty psyched for a second shot. I let him leach some humanity with Dark Hand as well as the usual gifts. I left.


Invasion 17

Guy sent me an "I love you"after I sent my message.

Invasion 18

Probably the most suspicious guy. Held shield up and strafed me for a good amount of time before accepting gifts. I left.


Invasion 19

Ran into the guy from invasion 6 and 14. Died as soon as I entered.

Invasion 20

Ran into one of the guys who was psyched to get the gifts. I left.

Alright, I think that's enough for tonight. Lots of good people this time, one really bad one. Hope the read is enjoyable.


- Bob

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