I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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We didn’t have enough players so we will reschedule for another time.

Feel free to join up or watch us on Twitch

You can watch here

[Update] We’ve only had one person sign up so far and we’re scheduled for tomorrow night. Maybe the sign up sheet wasn’t a great idea after all. We will still continue to go with the scheduled time of 9pm ET. Feel free to throw your name into the comments for the sign up sheet still. You’ll get priority in the game schedule.


Hey guys! We are planning to do another Heroes of the Storm game night, Friday September 11th. Last time we got such a good reception that we’ve decided to try a sign-up sheet style night this time. So go ahead and put in the comments what round you want to join in. I think we should limit it to 2 games in a row for the most part. However, exceptions will be made if we don’t have enough people or someone didn’t show up for the round they signed up for. We will do custom games to get 10 people per team going plus 2 observers. I will set the games around a half hour each, though we may run into overtime and adjust as needed.


Go ahead and comment below and I’ll place you on the schedule. It is first come first serve. As Smi1ey and are hosting together, we will each take breaks and observe at least once, but are more than willing to observe more often if needed. Smi1ey will be streaming and possibly NoFuture if he is able to get onli, so they will need to stay in the games. We are going to try using Discord for voice chat this time around, so please download Discord and join the Kotaku TAY server. The current URL invite is:


You can find me on Twitter: @Ardilla_Negra

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