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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Part 1- Crossover Junction

You forgot about this, didn't ya? Nobody mentioned this not popping up on TAY last week (for better I guess xD) but I was working on the project I was supposed to reveal today (more on that in a bit) all last week. So yeah, this is the first 2 parter in Crossover Junction.

So anyway, ladies and gents, so sorry but my new series reveal is going to be pushed to tomorrow! I'm still not at the point where I feel the opening batch of art I wanted to share is "ready". It would have been but I was working on a piece finishing off a fine art series all day yesterday...In case you want to see what delayed the project, this is that art.

Anyway, for now, enjoy Crossover Junction in the meantime!


Thanks for understanding on all accounts!


P.S...What do you think will happen in next week's episode of CJ?

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