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Last I left off, Galil and Azura had just escaped from the first dungeon in the game after pilfering what appears to be some ancient tablet of ancientness. Since this tablet may contain some secrets that may aid the resistance, Wyatt (Azura’s father and a resistance leader) asks Galil to get the tablet deciphered by an old scholar who lives in the Living Forest, though I’m pretty sure all forests are technically alive.

With this new task, two new party members joined my party to help me complete this task. First was Renzo, a smooth talking slacker who’s part of the resistance and who reminds me of Ringabell from Bravely Default. The second person to joined my ranks was Dwayne the Frogman Johnson, Barbarosa. Seriously, I love this frogman. From the get go, he hits 5 times harder than either Galil or Azura and he has twice the max hit points than Galil, who I’m making a tank.


The simple addition of Barbarosa to my team made the game infinitely more fun. Instead of having to run from the water demons (extra strong enemies) in the overworld, I can now fight toe to toe with them with some luck. To bad the rewards for beating the water demons isn’t consistent since stat growth, ability growth, and item drops are somewhat random in Alliance Alive.

After going ape shit on some pesky woodland creatures and running through a forest that is most definitely alive, I find the scholar who lives in a pretty well furnished cabin the woods. The scholar lets me know that the doodad that Galil and Azura took from dungeon contains the location of a mystical ship that would allow us to travel to other lands ruled by the Daemons, which is great for the resistance since there’s the potential to gather more people to resist the Daemon’s rule.


I rush to deliver this news to Wyatt, but while discussing this information with the later, what I can only describe as the muscular cousin of Oogie Boogie interrupts the information sharing session. With little options, Wyatt decides to act as a decoy as Galil, Azura, Renzo and, mother flipping Barbarosa escape through a secret passage. Unfortunately, the secret passage way isn’t secret enough and the group are soon cornered by Oogie Swolie. With no other options, Renzo and Barbarosa decide to hold off the swole man so that Galil and Azura could escape. I’ll miss you frogman.

Though I was down one kick ass frogman and one casanova in the making, I was still determined to explore the other worlds. Then I realized that I’d have a tough time navigating shallow ponds because I didn’t have my frogman to kill those water demons. ALL HOPE IS LOST.


Fortunately, the game devs realized that players would be annoyed when they lost their frogman and decided to give players the coolest mode of transportation I’ve used in an RPG, the ornithopter. This bad boy allowed me to jump off cliffs and glide down to areas below me, which was awesome because it allowed me to jump the water demons’ homes, but it allowed me to visit areas I’d been dying to explore since I saw them in the distance in the beginning of the game.

After taking the scenic route to where the legendary boat is supposed to be, I find nothing… is what it seems initially. In the distance, the boat comes barrelling into the beach, almost crushing Azura and Galil and then… the chapter ends and I’ll pick up again after this point next week.

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