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A Bite of my Backlog: Alliance Alive Session 3

After a close encounter of the boat kind at the end of my last session, the game switches from the perspective from Galil and Azura to one foxy Daemon and her foxy daemon butlter, Vivan and Ignace.

Right out the gate, I really like Vivian and Ignace’s character dynamic in the game. Vivian adds a good amount of levity to the game because of her childlike curiosity and general pleasant demeanor. Ignace does a fantastic job balancing out Vivian’s hair brained antics, while also giving us an idea of how regular daemons view humans since he basically demands that every human Vivian interacts with be more respectful to her. Combined these two turn into a two man gag team where Ignace tries to act accordance to his societal position, only to be thrown off balance by Vivian’s curiosity and disregard for social norms.


Anyways, Vivian wants to learn more about the dark currents that surround the world and since she just finished reading a book by a Professor Alstein about these currents, she sets of to find the professor with Ignace in tow. Funnily enough, after exploring the town Vivian teleports into for about 5 minutes, I find Professor Alstein… who turns out to be a 12 year old genius named Tiggy… Also, she’s a self proclaimed professor… I bet Ignace could see how much trouble this would be.

To better research the dark current Tiggy asks me to get 2 miggufins from two different dungeons, a junkyard and some other place. I mashing the confirm button to fast and I didn’t catch the other place she wanted me to go… opps. Fortunately, Tiggy isn’t some lazy quest giver and she decides to join my party in a mother freaking mech suit to get her fetch quest done. Man, I’m enjoying Tiggy’s character despite her snooty attitude. She just adds so many comedic moments with Ignace because he can’t believe he has to deal with a person like her. Just ever interaction between Ignace and the other two party members make me think of his as a put upon everyman.

I quickly make my way to the junkyard and I realize that I have just walked my way into the equivalent of one of the aeon temples from Final Fantasy 10. There were just so many push block puzzles in the dungeon and they weren’t that hard. I kinda felt insulted by the game because it kept offering to help me solve the puzzles if I paid an NPC for help, but I completed the puzzles without too much trouble.


Though the initial puzzles were a disappointment, I had a good amount of fun with the final puzzle because I had to basically corner the boss of the area by blocking off the boss’ escape routes before fighting him. The boss fight wasn’t too hard, but it make me miss Barbarosa and Azura a bit because I didn’t have a healer on my team and Barbarosa’s damage is just so sexy. I spammed Vivian’s black magic and Tiggy’s physical attacks to bring down the boss, while Ignace did a poor job of tanking. Ignace is just a weird hybrid between a tank and a magic caster and it just takes too many turns to make him as efficient at guarding as Galil.

With area boss defeated and newly minted miggufin 1 in hand, I decided to stop playing since it felt like a good point to put down the game. In my next session, how long will it take me to find the 2nd dungeon? Will Ignace finally point out that Tiggy isn’t a real professor? Find out next time!

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