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A Bite of My Backlog: Azure Nights 2 Session 2

After my rough first session with Azure Nights 2, I can say the game is growing on me, but also showing me much more of its flaws.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. The more and more I see the characters in cutscenes the more I think their overly detailed anime-esque outfits don’t really look great in game. I frequently see parts of the characters’ outfits clipping through their body during cutscenes and it just makes me think that it may have been better to have less detailed outfits or just have less cutscenes in general.


The script of the game is so melodramatic at times that I can’t take the game seriously. Like get the feeling that the developers want me to feel some kind of emotion for the characters, but when one character tells another character who is dressed in a bridal style plugsuit to “get in the coffin” like they’re Gendo from Evangelion, I just couldn’t stop laughing at the game. Though I’m not invested in the characters or story so far, I’m looking forward to seeing some more off kilter scenes. Also, whenever the main character talks to any other character, I keep thinking of the skit linked below because all of the dialogue feels like a double entendre at times.

As I thought last time, I’m starting to get used to the controls of the game and they feel pretty much like a standard muso game with some extra bells n whistles attached to it. Honestly, I really need to play a game like this today because work was pretty hectic today and I needed something to relax me. Nothing, feels better than mindlessly mashing away on my controller while destroying hoards of demons after a long day at work.


Also, I feel a bit hesitant about the time limit mechanic in the game because it conflicts with the explority bits of the game. I understand that time limit is supposed to make you think about the choices you make in the game, but I really just want to roam around the large battle maps to see if I can find some treasure. Ultimately, I’m pretty ambivalent to the time limit so far because I had plenty of time to complete the first mission with a couple of minutes to spare, but I’m just not looking forward to the fact that some alternate ending conditions can only be activated by doing a task within the time limit.

If I choose which game to play more off after trying them out for a bit, I think I’d like to dive into Alliance Alive a bit more because the game mechanics felt more interesting to mess around with and I like that its cutscenes are very brief…

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