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After making some fish fry of the first boss of the game, a new area opened up for me to explore in Azure Nights 2. Unfortunately, this “new” area was actually just the full version of the tutorial level. Though this “new” area didn’t offer too many new things for me to do, it did give me a new great sword weapon to play around with and after testing it a bit, I can say it’s probably my favorite weapon to use so far. It just feels so good to swing the giant hunk of metal around because it does so much damage and I can charge the blade to give it more range and fire properties. There’s basically no down sides to using the thing except for the fact that it’s slow and you can only use the sword for short periods of time.

Back in the main story, since Aluche and Co weren’t able to find Liliana by searching through the 1st area on foot, they decide to send out some mooks to do the leg work for them. Kinda makes me wonder why they didn’t do that in the first place, but oh well. After some time passes, most of the mooks return, but a few are still missing, so it’s up to Aluche n Co to rescue the bone heads and possibly learn the whereabouts of Liliana. Saving the mooks doesn’t reveal any new information on Liliana’s whereabouts, but it I would imagine Aluche would start reconsidering who she puts her trust into.


While ruminating on her life choices, Aluche is ambushed by a Kuudere, Veruschka, who wants Rue to return to the Order of Lour- the Order of Lur- the order of Lamborghinis because Rue hasn’t reported in a while… God dang it Rue. Veruschka was pretty fast and would teleport all over the place to take me down, but after using my ultimate techniche (guarding), I was able to take Veruschka down pretty quickly. After beating Veruschka into submission, Aluche and Rue finally gave a full explanation of what they were trying to do and with that Veruschka joined my party. Yay.

And with a new party member, I’ll stop here. I unlocked another new area after defeating Veruschka and I got another party member to play around with. I can’t wait to dive back into the game again.

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