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I’ve been playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on and for the past 2 years or so and since I had some free time recently, I figured that I may as well catch up on the various challenge trials in the game. For some context, these challenge trials are extremely hard battles to challenge long time players and to give them some strong equipment.

Below are my quick thoughts on the various trails I completed in the past few days.


This trial was kinda fun to use because it gave me an opportunity to bust out the nearly useless manufactured nethicite, which negates one spell cast from an enemy. Other than the novelty of using Dan in Street Fighter to dominate your friends, this fight was pretty easy since I had a tank that could cover my party for the aoe physical damage the boss dished out and I had enough DPS to nuke him down past his last 2 high damaging threshold moves.


I absolutely hate when bosses in FFBE have light resistance because those enemies require me to take off one of my strongest weapons to beat these enemies. Although I do have other weapons that have comparable or higher attack and don’t have the light element, I always forget switch to those weapons before I tackle these trials. Seriously, I wish the game would just make these types of trials took less NRG or no NRG (this game’s stamina bar) so that I wouldn’t have to wait 2 hours to get enough NRG to make up for my brain fart.

Once I remembered to equip a non-light elemental weapon to my main DPS unit, the trial was a breeze since I have another tank unit who can tank all the magical attacks the boss threw at me. It was just so funny to see the boss to no damage to my tank because my tank had 100% elemental resistance to all elemental spells the boss cast.


Now this trial was actually pretty tricky because the boss has access to aoe physical, magical and status effect attacks. I also had to handicap myself for this trial to complete one of the missions for this trials, which made the trial even trickier. I had a rough time building the right team for this mission, but after I played around with the boss a bit, I got lucky that the boss didn’t decide to go ape shit on m healer on turn 1 and then I bursted down the boss quickly.


This is easily, the toughest trial in FFBE so far because all the different gimmicks you have to keep track of during the fight. Basically, you need to kill the mobs the boss spawns on a specific turn rotation while also accounting for the boss’ aoe attacks and status debuffs and if you can’t do that, then the boss will mop the floor with you.


Luckily, I happen to have 2 of the best tanks in the game, which made controlling the boss’ damage a piece of cake. Plus, the two support units and my DPS unit were able to work with the unit I borrowed from one of the players on my friends list. Soooooo… I was way too prepared to take down this trial.

I now have roughly two more trials to beat in the game and then I’ll be all caught up with the different trails in the game, which means I should probably take another break from FFBE because the basic content of FFBE very repetitive. Heck, if I did take a break from FFBE, I’ll have more time to grind through all the other games in my backlog

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