With the start of the SixTAY days of writing, I found it would be a good time to start writing for TAY again while also working through my gaming backlog.

The first game I’m going to tackle is the action RPG, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. I decided to tackle this game because I remember reading a few articles about the game on Siliconera in the past and because the box art is stunningly beautiful.


Fun fact, the artist for the box art and the characters is Yoshiku, who did some artwork for Fire Emblem Heroes as well. You can find out more about the artist in this link.

Anyways, here are my first impressions of Nights of Azure

Of the hour or so I played of the start of the game, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the game to the sluggish movement of the main character. It felt like I my character was moving through molasses when I tried to do a dodge roll. Having a delay between my avatar’s actions and my inputs are fine with me since I can get used to them, but because this game is similar to warriors style game (which isn’t too surprising because Koei Tecmo made it), I’m worried that this will become a problem later on since I’ll have trouble dodging the different mobs the game throws at me. I hope the game will feel better after I play it some more, but I’m going to temper my expectations of the game for now.

Also, I can’t believe KT messed up the cancel and confirmation buttons in this game. What kind of game makes the “B” button is confirm and the “A” button is cancel. Basically, every other game on the market has the “A” button as confirm and “B” as cancel, unless you’re playing on a PS4 or PS Vita. It’s going to take a while for me to wrap my brain around pressing the my normal cancel button to confirm anything… I guess I’ll just have to deal with accidentally exiting out of the save menu when I want to save...

I really love the fairy like dark fantasy feel of the game, it just adds so much atmosphere to the game world… too bad the story presented so far is a huge mess. In the first couple of cutscenes there were some gorgeous shots of the characters in this ornate church area with multi-colored tinted windows that drew me into the game, but once the game started presenting its story,it started to lose me.


Basically, the main character Aluche is assigned to protect her childhood friend, Liliana, and then sacrifice friend to a demon named the moon queen. Aluche and Liliana’s other friend, Rue, isn’t too keen on this plan and tries to stop Aluche from completing her mission, but it doesn’t matter cus the moon queen drops in and kills Aluche and then potentially kidnaps Liliana (it’s not clear). Anyways, Aluche gets revived by her organization’s resident mad scientist and is ordered to find Liliana and I stopped here to take a break from the game for the day. If you think this synopsis of the prologue seems a bit dry, you should have scene it presented in the game. The entire set up for the game felt incredibly rushed because it never took the time to actually flesh out all the different concepts it presented in its prologue.

My first impressions of the game have been pretty mixed. I really like the aesthetic and the art of the game, but the game feels pretty sluggish and the story needed to be paced better to keep me engaged with the story.