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After ruminating on my play time with Nights of Azure 2, I think the game is starting to click with me. I’m digging the time limit to how long i can spend in each area of the game because it incentivises me to plan out what I want to do before I jump into one of the game’s battle areas. Though this is becoming less of an issue because one of the upgrade trees gives extra time to use in each battle area. In fact, I’m basically ending with 5 or so minutes to spare in each battle area and I’ve been spending that spare time on grinding a little bit. Anyways, I’m liking how the time limit in the game is making me think about how I play the game while also being a good way to pace myself while playing the game.


Storywise, I progressed further through the 1st area of the game and fought the very first boss in the game, which was a giant demonic fish… whose name was Joe… For a game with many high fantasy elements, I’m surprised that they weren’t able to come up with a better name for this evil fish. Despite Joe’s rather out of place name, he was one tough cookie. I actually died to him one because I wasn’t guading enough, but on my second try, I basically steamrolled him by remembering to play slightly more defensively.

After I cleared the first boss, I unlocked the second area, which was basically a more fleshed out version of the prologue area, which was kinda disappointing because there’s no story related content in this new area, but there were some interesting collectables and some side quests that I could complete in this area. Also, I unlocked the swimsuit costumes for all the characters in my party after beating the first boss. It’s kinda weird that the game didn’t tell me about this achievement, but I’m probably not going to use any of them because they look really silly.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of Nights of Azure in the coming days. I finally have a good grasp on the gameplay and I think the game is paced extremely well and I can’t wait to see what new gameplay element the game throws at me next.

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