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A Bite of My Backlog: Nights of Azure 2 Session 5

With no solid leads on Liliana’s location after rescuing your allied mooks, Aluche and co decide to decide to return to homebase with the now unconscious Veruschka in tow. After talking out their current situation, Rue and Aluche guess that Liliana maybe at the academy that all three of them went to when they were younger, which means a new area for me to explore!

But before I can check out the new area, I need to settle the stuff with Veruschka. I quickly run towards Veruschka’s room in homebase, give her the cliff notes of Aluche’s goals, and then quickly induct her into Aluche’s ever growing hare- I mean party… Did I mention that this game is incredibly progressive in the romantic sense? Like, look at some of the in game art. It screams “OH, THEY FAUKIN!”


The padaemy academy is completely infested with various different monsters. I really like how the game is starting to throw even more different kinds of monsters at me at the same time because I actually I’ll actually die to these mooks if I’m not careful. I’m starting to see more ranged mooks mixed in with the melee ones now and I had to stop mindless mashing the attack button to dodge all the projectiles this my way.

Also, this area as these tiny floating dolls that try to shank me when I get close to them and I can’t stop laughing at them. I assume the dolls are supposed to come off as creepy or annoying, but I keep imagining them just floating around in T-poses as if their animations bugged out

After devling far enough into the academy, I encounter this busty spider demon lady who was saying some to Aluche, but I was only paying enough attention to understand that the lady was bored… So, when this other humanoid demon lady, who I bet will join my party later on, popped out of nowhere and challenged me to a duel, I was kind of surprised because I had no idea why she was fighting me. This is why I shouldn’t multitask while playing games.


Muveil, the humanoid demon, basically tells Aluche to join the dark side like she has and then Aluche was like “no thanks sister” and then I proceeded to beat down Muveil until half her health was depleted. After taking her lumps, Muveil absconds from the academy after warning Aluche will become evil like her.


With another boss battle out of the way, I felt it would be a good time to digest the fact that I’m liking this game quite a bit. The characters are ok if a tad melodramatic and I love this game’s twist on the warriors gameplay style. Anyways, I’ll see you next time in my next Nights of Azure session article.

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