I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Wrapping my head around writing an article a day is a bit challenging since it’s been a while since I wrote consistently and the fact that I pumped out my last 2 articles just before midnight. To help me write better and make sure I get a good night’s rest, I’m going to plan out what the next few articles I’m going to write so I can get a start on the article earlier.


Anyways, here’s a list of the general topics I plan to write about in the coming week.

Monday, 6/4: First impressions of Mario Tennis Aces

Tuesday, 6/5: First impressions of Alliance Alive

Wednesday, 6/6: Read through one of the Comixology Mangas I recently bought

Thursday, 6/7: More impressions of Nights of Azure 2

Friday, 6/8: Play though Fire Emblem Warriors

Saturday, 6/9: Make E3 Bingo Card

Sunday, 6/10: Weekly review

I have a few more ideas of what else I could write about 2 weeks from now, but I’d also be open to trying any manga, anime, books, or video games that you may find interesting. So, if you have any media suggestions, shoot it my way and I’ll check it out 2 weeks from now.


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