Hello everyone, after a pretty successful week of writing for the SixTAY days of writing, I want to what it took to write each article and the articles in general for this week.

The biggest problem I faced during this week of writing was easily my time management for writing each article. Almost every single article I wrote in the previous week was started around 10pm and were finished no earlier than midnight. I simply can’t keep starting to write my articles this late because I need to get up early for my day job every week day and I’ve consistently only been getting 5 - 6 hours of sleep each night for the past week.

To combat this, I need to focus on starting my articles earlier in the day so I can go to bed at a reasonable time next week. I should also think about altering what I want to write about as well depending on my energy and schedule for the day because in the previous week, I didn’t have as much free time to write impressions articles on games I played. Specifically, if I want to do an impressions article on a game, I should play the game the day before hand so I don’t have to spend so much time gathering materials to write about.

By managing my time better next week, I hope I can pump out more articulated articles (since I didn’t have time to edit many of my articles last week) and actually go to bed at a reasonable time.

Bellow is a list of all the topics I intended to write about, with a commentary on what I actually wrote about that day.


Monday, 6/4: First impressions of Mario Tennis Aces

I did write an article about my impressions of Mario Tennis Aces. I felt I had a good idea of what I wanted to say in the article, but I don’t think I expressed it too well. I think the article could have been better if I had more time to collect my thoughts about my experience and if I had more time to edit the piece.

Tuesday, 6/5: First impressions of Alliance Alive

I did write an article about my first impressions with Alliance Alive and I was pretty satisfied with it. I felt conveyed my thoughts on the series fairly well, but I procrastinated on finishing the article and so I lost a decent amount of sleep on this article.


Wednesday, 6/6: Read through one of the Comixology Mangas I recently bought

I wrote about Driftin Dragons on this day and I was moderately happy with the article. I felt the article started strong, but I started to get burnt out towards the end of the article. This burning out was likely due to the late hour I was writing the article and my general fatigue from the previous day

Thursday, 6/7: More impressions of Nights of Azure 2

I feel like I had a better grasp of what I wanted to talk about in this series, but I wish I finished writing the article earlier in the day.


Friday, 6/8: Play though Fire Emblem Warriors

I had to change the subject of this article to “The Allure of Gatcha Games” article due to my day job needing me to stay at work extra late to help with an event. I unfortunately didn’t have much time to actually gather information on a game this day, so I wrote an article that required less research.

I’m not too satisfied with how the article turned out because I didn’t edit it at all. I finished the article at 2am and I was too tired to actually edit it before sending it out.


Saturday, 6/9: Make E3 Bingo Card

I actually wrote about my hopes and dreams for Nintendo’s E3 as I was short on time this Saturday because I attended a graduation party for one of my friends. I think the article turned out well despite the fact that I wrote it in an hour and didn’t edit it at all.

Here’s my schedule for next week’s round of articles and hopefully I can stick to them better.


Monday, 6/11: Bingo Card for Nintendo E3 Presentation

Tuesday, 6/2: First impressions of Nintendo E3 Presentation and Treehouse Presentation

Wednesday, 6/6: Alliance Alive Session 2

Thursday, 6/7: Azure Nights Session 3

Friday, 6/8: Play though Fire Emblem Warriors

Saturday, 6/9: Thoughts on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Sunday, 6/10: Weekly review