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A Bite of my Backlog: Week 2 in Review (6/11 - 6/17)

Hello everyone, week 2 of the writing challenge has been a bit of a challenge for me. I feel like I struggled so much this week because I was overly ambitious on what kinds of articles I wanted to write without considering what my real life schedule was like.

Specifically, I tried to write too many articles on impressions of games I’m playing while, also having to juggle my own writing habits and my real life responsibilities. Personally, I prefer to either play games or write in the evening because I usually don’t have the energy and motivation to do both on a weekday. This week, I plan to play my games ahead of time so I don’t face this issue.


I also haven’t been doing a good job of writing earlier in the day. I’ll need to figure a way to write earlier in the day or I could possibly write articles in masse on some days so that I have days where I can gather more materials to write about or take it easy.

Bellow is a list of all the topics I intended to write about last week, with a commentary on what I actually wrote about that day.

Monday, 6/11: Bingo Card for Nintendo E3 Presentation

I had a lot of fun making my bingo card. It was pretty easy to do and I had a lot of fun comparing my card to my friend’s. Though I wish I put Young Link would return or Daisy would join Smash U. I would have gotten a bingo if I did...


Tuesday, 6/12: First impressions of Nintendo E3 Presentation and Treehouse Presentation

This article showed me that if I write a paragraph about 4 - 5 things, I can easliy make a 400 - 500 word article. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.


Wednesday, 6/6: Alliance Alive Session 2

I actually did my play session for Alliance Alive on the previous Sunday. I think that’s why I was able to pump this article out on time. Though I did stay up a bit late for this article. I also felt I had a more glib tone while writing this article, which isn’t too surprising because I had a ton of fun writing it.


Thursday, 6/7: Azure Nights Session 3 (actually wrote about Smash U’s future)

This is where my schedule started to break down because I was very tired from other responsibilities and I just wanted to pump out an article that didn’t require much thought.


Friday, 6/8: Playthrough Fire Emblem Warriors (Procrastination)

I spent most of this evening gathering material for the Azure Nights 2 article series and didn’t have the time to actually write a proper article. After some thought as well, I think I’m going to not play 2 warriors style games at once because that’d be boring.


Saturday, 6/9: Thoughts on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Azure Nights Session 3 )

I finally got my article on Azure Nights 2 out and because I spent a good amount of time playing the game on Friday, I’ll have enough to write about for this series for next week and possibly the following week.


Here’s my schedule for next week’s round of articles and hopefully I can stick to them better than I did this week.


Monday,6/18: Alliance Alive Session 3

Tuesday,6/19: Star Ocean Anamnesis Impressions

Wednesday,6/20: Azure Nights Session 4

Thursday,6/21: Digging through all the manga I got at a Warehouse sale on 6/17

Friday,6/22: Thoughts on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Saturday,6/23: Free Topic (A lighter article to give me a bit of a break)

Sunday,6/24: Weekly review

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