I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Time to finish this little bit of literature. It’s a long one, but it’s the end, folks. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, and if you’re just joining us, be sure to read parts one and two. And now....


XIII. Chaos Incarnate

After the downtime, I was anxious to get back to what I realized I do best. Rational decisions and making sure every villain dies a miserable death. I saw a deathclaw much larger than the one that fucked me up in the first place and I felt the same way I shot up psycho. My father ran after me as I charged into battle, I was a man possessed, ignoring my father and grabbing my hunting knife. The deathclaw was now charging at me fast, he swung, and I ducked his arm, plunged the knife in his rotator cuff, dragged upwards and leapt on his back and completely severed his arm. He let out a roar of anger and attempted to throw me off his back. I stabbed his other shoulder several times until he fell over. I grabbed his tail and severed it in one swing. Then in my bloodlust, I grabbed his left arm, still attached as I shoved the blade in his elbow and twisted. He writhed in pain trying to get up. “YOU FUCKERS NEARLY KILLED ME!” I screamed, as if the wild creature could understand me, he responded with snapping his jaws and kicking up dust on his belly. I flipped him over and planted the knife in his stomach and tore into it, he attempted to bite and I finally shoved the blade in his forehead as he let out a death rattle. Here I was, beet red in the face and covered in blood. My father looked at me in fear, which snapped me out of it. I put my knife away, and cleaned myself up. My father was a little more than hesitant to speak with me, although I was the only one he was afraid of on the trip up. As we went, he began to see me as something of a bodyguard as I protected him (In my own unique fashion). He had asked me if I had disarmed the bomb in megaton, I said I had. And about big town too. He was starting to show a little pride, which made me happy. He saw that I wasn’t that bad. So I started whistling a tune I had heard on GNR which he thought was humorous as I was strutting behind him, threw my knife at a wild feral ghoul, which hit him dead between the eyes. I picked it up, wiped the blade on his tattered rags and kept going as I kept the tune going. Then there were the mutants, as we got relatively close to Jefferson memorial. I reached into my rucksack and pulled out my new favorite toy, the Fatman launcher. I extended the railing and loaded it, flipped the switch and…. The damn thing fell apart on me. I caught the now armed rocket and threw it out at the mutants, I figured it would have the same effect either way. The biggest mutant caught it and cackled. Luckily I pulled out my gun and nicked the side of it. I smirked as my opponents were obliterated in the blast, and I walked into the memorial with dad.


XIV. Project Purity

I did a sweep around the complex, clearing out the mutant populations inside. I gave him the go ahead, and found that the good doctor and her associates were here, apparently the plan was to have my father and I give the all clear before they had a entered the building. I felt a little annoyed being the muscle of the group but I dismissed it. They entered and started to go to work. I’ve never been much for scientific research and experiments and all that shit so I’ll get to the point. My father entered the chamber holding the Jefferson statue, with the old equipment still doing their own functions as they had before I was born. However, there was an explosion at the door, men in armor like the brotherhood, except painted black, with disfigured, fearsome helms entered and surrounded us. Colonel Autumn walked in with all of his pomp and circumstance bullshit, telling my father that they, The Enclave, representing the president of the united states were here to commandeer this project, and that they would have my father activate project purity. My father and a couple soldiers walked into the chamber, which I tried to enter as well, but it locked after them. Not only that, but Autumn had pointed his pistol at the back of my head and cocked it. I muttered something about flaying him alive and using his disgusting face for toilet paper, but he either didn’t hear it or ignored it. They were thoroughly in control. I watched helplessly as my father punched in a code and alarms went off. Autumn fired a few shots at the glass enclosure but it didn’t do anything. I grabbed my knife and spun around, aiming for his neck, only to nick his cheek. He fell against the wall crying out in pain, I lunged toward him to put the blade in his chest only to feel an iron gauntlet catch me straight in the jaw. I was down, my knife slid under the equipment. My vision was fuzzy from the pain. Autumn was standing over me, bleeding and pointing his pistol at me. “You little shit. You’ll die like the rest. ” I looked over to see my father writhing in pain, my Geiger counter in my pip boy going crazy. My father mouthed something, and then died. My eyes watered, I screamed in agony, reaching at him with every bit of strength I had left. I heard a gun cock and looked at him eyes wide. “If you don’t kill me now, I’ll destroy every last one of you.” Autumn laughed and put the barrel in my mouth. “You’re too arrogant. NOW DIE!” … “Autumn; pull that trigger and you’ll face the wrath of the Enclave as a traitor. I don’t want him harmed. Bring the boy to me. That’s an order.” Autumn froze. He retracted his pistol and Threw cuffs on me. I laughed at him arrogantly the enclave soldiers circled me. “Kill the rest.” Autumn ordered. I looked at the doctor and assistants in fear. I wrapped the chain of my handcuffs around a soldier’s neck and pulled. I kicked another one in the side making him fall and discharge his weapon. I head-butted a third, but only hurt myself. I was bleeding, but I was causing enough of a ruckus to force attention solely on me. 6 enclave soldiers beating me horrible. But I saved four lives. As I passed out from pain, the image of my father’s corpse didn’t bring me respite towards the ones I did manage to save.

XV. Why hello, Mr. President

One of the first things that I had heard during my days in the wastes were radio broadcasts from the “President” of the united states. Telling me about the enclave, and the general thought was these were broadcasts from the prewar times, and had no bearing today. I awoke in a cell, on a steel table passing for a bed. I felt like shit. My entire body hurt. My weapons, my armor were gone. My rucksack lay empty on the floor. And… My knife. My keepsake from when I got clean, was still at the memorial site. I was angry. The guard noticed I was awake. “Hey you shit. I heard about what you did to the Colonel. You’re gonna wish he killed you when he had the chance. The enclave’s gonna make you suffer to the point you wish you were dead.” I walked up to the bars and taunted him. “Oh, am I supposed to shit myself with fear? Let me tell you something. I’m getting out of here. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. But when I do.. I’ll make sure, just for those words, that I’ll kill your wife, your relatives, burn down your house, cut you down to a limbless stump, and slit your eyelids to make sure you have to watch.” He grabbed my shirt. I jumped back as I grabbed his head and slammed it into the bars. I broke his neck as my knees hit the floor. I laughed as he fell over and gurgled out a last few words. Alarms rang, and guards ran towards my cell. I didn’t care if I died. As long as I could kill one soldier. As It turns out, I was able to kill more than just one. “Hands off him, guards. I want to see him, now that he’s awake.” I was thrown into a strange room and locked it. “Up at the top, scumbag. Feel honored that President Eden will hear you before we kill you.” I limped up the stairs and turned around, looking for the president. There was a large screen in place on the tower. It spoke. “Hello friend. I am John Henry Eden.” I was stunned. I asked him many questions. Apparently, The Enclave had programmed, built the “perfect president”. Cold and unwavering. A computer was running the show now, connected throughout the wastes, so he could control nuclear weapons, among other dangerous functions. Apparently every enclave soldier, including Autumn were subject to his whims due to the president’s power. I talked to the President a little bit longer, and he explained his version of what would occur in the memorial. That there was a way to get man on a higher plateau of the evolutionary scale. He presented the Forced Evolution Virus to me in a canister, that I would slip it into the machinery, and let it into the filter. Using my own powers of persuasion, told him that the idea of a controlling government was wrong. I would compromise with him, as long as he destroyed the remnants of the enclave, that I would utilize the FEV. He agreed, that perhaps with a new species of human would not need to be controlled. He armed the self-destruction sequence and revealed a way that allowed for safe passage. I scrambled through the dark corridor, as it shook and rumbled all around me. I stumbled outside and ran as best I could, away from the fleeing soldiers and small explosions. I looked up as I had clambered down a cliff, and saw the entire mountain explode. I had never seen something so wonderful. My mouth had done more damage than my body ever could. Then I saw Autumn, sprinting towards a Vertibird. My body finally gave out, and I fell down, sliding down the slope. I was exhausted. I had no armor, and no weapons. A terrible condition to be in out in the wastes. I waited for the leftovers of the enclave to leave, and I began to scavenge the dead. Somehow I ended doing pretty well. Some dinged up Enclave armor, which I had scratched up with a broken knife just enough so It didn’t look like their Enclave armor. It more or less resembled Brotherhood armor. I fixed up some of their weapons, which worked with energy packs. I found a whole cache of it by the entrance, nearly untouched. Pretty happy with the haul, I found one thing that had piqued my interest. A functional Vertibird that had been forgotten. I got in and clicked a few switches and buttons until it roared to life. I pushed the stick up, and the Vertibird started to hover in the air. I pointed forward and flew off towards megaton to recover.


XVI. Home sweet Home

I got close enough to megaton to feel a little disturbance. The lone guard had took aim at my transport, and managed to take down one of my engines. I twirled in the air and was losing altitude quickly. “Shit, Shit shit shit, SHIIIIIIT!” I screamed as I got sucked out of the bird. I must have been 15 feet in the air as I screamed. I rolled into a ball and landed in a heap as my transport exploded on the ground a few yards away from me. I heard footsteps. A foot met my side and I rolled over in pain. “You scumbag, how dare…y..you…” It was Simms. “Oh My God. I’m so sorry. Are you okay!?” I groaned in pain, as this was as good as I could do as confirmation in the condition I was in. He pulled the armor off, and picked me up. “CEASEFIRE!” He yelled at the guard as he walked into megaton. I was out. I woke up days later dehydrated, malnourished, but surrounded by members of the community. I was in traction, had broken 3 ribs from the crash, and had a hairline fracture on my jaw, but was going to be fine, given a good 3 months. Too bad all my new ordnance was destroyed in the Vertibird. I was given some new goodies purchased from the arms caravan, including a pristine combat shotgun, a new Fatman launcher, which was in okay condition, a new rucksack, a ripper, a really rare Chinese pistol and practically more ammo than I could carry. I was also given Power Armor from the brotherhood of steel, who told me to come by their compound when I was in working order. In a couple of weeks, Against doctor’s orders, I was up and moving, albeit painfully. I just wanted to go to my shack, and rest there. Simms and his kid visited me daily, and make sure I wanted for nothing. I was their savior from the bomb, and all they did was try to kill me. Now they were waiting on me more than Wadsworth, my robotic butler. With a good amount of time, and effort, I was back on my feet, with the doctor’s blessing. They decided the best training I could have for going out in the wastes was to join a caravan, but I decided it would take too much time. I took my new gear and head towards the brotherhood compound.


XVII. Bonds of steel

I made my way to the compound, with a bit of a welcome at my feet. Elder Lyons came out himself, apparently a great honor to an outsider. I was told that I was to be given an important mission to investigate the influx of super mutants. I would scour the nearby vaults and exterminate any mutants with extreme prejudice. I was given a special training in order to properly function in the power armor I was given, as an honorary member, given my efforts against this new foe of the enclave. After being fatally wounded twice, and recuperating successfully, I’d have to say this was the hardest training I’ve ever been through. They didn’t let this secret pass by very often, but the training was to take 40 pounds of steel to each arm, each leg and to do laps up and down the complex 10 times a day, for 2 weeks. And after this harsh training, I would lift weight. 200 pounds of steel, 30 reps with the amount increasing 25 pounds a day. At the end of the period, I was asked to lift one of the ruined cars they had over my head for 30 seconds. If I could do it, I would keep the armor and be accepted as a junior paladin. If not, I would be knocked down to initiate soldier, and be only utilized for recon missions. Recon is not my style at all, so I took my chances, and went through the grueling training. My body screamed daily for me to stop, but I wanted the armor and the title. Paladins were pretty much free to do as they pleased. I wanted the freedom of a waste lander, wrapped in the steel of a soldier. Being backed by one of the most elite forces in the wastes was icing on the cake. I did the training. By the end, and the final test, I had herculean strength. They never knew this, but I surpassed their prerequisites. By the end, I was lifting roughly 600 pounds of steel, but managed to keep my mass down by eating only a few hundred calories a day. The test day came and went. I completely shocked the brotherhood, when I lifted it with a bit of ease, and threw it a couple of feet above my head. I caught it and threw it higher. I caught it once more, and waited the 30 seconds. My arms were getting tired now, but I passed, and I threw it up a good ten feet over my head and calmly walked out of its way, the car blew up on impact feet behind me and I didn’t flinch. They were impressed. I grabbed my rucksack and attached my new armor, which felt light. I asked if It was permissible to make alterations to the gauntlets, which they allowed, as long as it didn’t compromise the overall feel of that I was a brotherhood of steel paladin. I sharpened the knuckles of the gauntlets, which allowed for cutting power. I removed the gloves completely, which allowed my dexterity not to suffer, as well as giving my wrists freer movement. I could handle a knife like this. I switched out the boots for my own. I attached their shin guards, however, cause you can never be too careful. I felt more like a soldier than I ever had, but I felt like myself, which was just as important. A red alert went out to the compound, apparently a group of enclave survivors were pounding at the door, and had destroyed our sentries. The Lyon’s Pride had shown their faces with all their prestige and big weapons. I walked in front of them, when Sarah yelled at me to clear out. I pulled out a pair of hunting knives from the belts of recruits and turned around. “Screw that, I got this” I said as I slipped the helmet on and kicked open the gate. The pride followed me behind, apparently.


XVIII. Juggernaut

There’s not much to tell about the words exchanged between me, and the 10 or so enclave soldiers that were banging down the doors. The captain of this particular squad fired the first shot, and was the first to die as I threw a knife straight through his helmet. I sprinted towards his direction, leapt on his still falling corpse, grabbed the knife, twisted it as I spun my body to the right, pressing his body left, I jerked my knife out with my hands and feet, throwing his body into a couple grunts that fell over after catching him. I kicked the next victim in the stomach and drove the knives into his shoulders and ripped the steel until the knives gave against his armor and broke in his body. I grabbed his weapon and shot two more. These soldiers were confused and disoriented. A few ran away, but one of the beefier looking members decided it would be fun to go hand-to-hand against me. I dropped the weapon and put up my fists. To my surprise, he sloughed off his armor. This guy really was scary looking. The grin of a super mutant, and just as big. A giant burn scar taking up part of his forehead. “I’ve been waiting to see the shit that took down raven rock” He said in some bit of gravel in his voice. “I survived being burned alive to find you.” I was a bit shocked as he rolled up his sleeves to reveal scabbed forearms that hadn’t healed. I shrugged off my gauntlets and charged toward him. I had speed, but he had muscle. I took a swing and nicked his jaw, only for him to grab my new armor by the chest piece and tear it clean off my body. I fell over in the dirt but sprang up. He laughed as he flipped the armor behind him and slowly walked toward me. I charged in again, a volley of fists in his solar plexus followed by a high kick aimed for his face. Unfortunately he caught my foot and flung me over his shoulder just like the armor, almost as if I was weightless. I landed in front of the Lyon’s pride, my lip cracked from the fall, I got up and sucked on my lip until I had a decent amount of blood in my mouth. I walked up to him more calmly. He laughed again. “Don’t know when to give it up do you?” he said smugly as I spit blood in his eyes and kicked him in the crotch. He didn’t find that very funny, as he dropped to his knees and doubled over. I slammed my palms against his ears, disorienting him further and drove my knee into his sternum with a firm crack. In a few seconds I calmly restricted his hearing, his sight and his breathing. “Do it. Kill me, get it over with” he croaked as he was on the ground. To my credit, I didn’t. I dragged his carcass to the brotherhood and insisted to imprison him, but to treat him better than the usual chaff. To their credit, they listened. He was eventually released, but was reformed, and climbed through the ranks to become a knight in the brotherhood. He profusely thanked me for that fight, because it had shown him humility. He wound up being put in charge of a juggernaut cell against a particularly large hive of mutants. Sadly, though, he didn’t make it through.


XIX. Odds and ends

While they were doing research on how to make project purity functional and how to clear out surviving enclave forces, I had a bit of downtime, Though I hardly called it downtime. During this time, I would go back to GNR to see how three dog was fairing, but he gave me news that I wasn’t really expecting. That on the outskirts of the capital wastes, there was a green patch. Solid green trees, and flora, untouched, unmutated or corrupted or anything. I had to check this out. I scurried through the wastes, which took weeks, and took notice that the wastelands looked pretty empty. Aside from animals, and occasional caravan, nary a raider or mutant to be found. Things had changed for the better. No longer were the wastes a constant warzone of havoc and hell, the tide was changing. With one exception. The Talon company was just as vicious and cruel. I had a run in with a particularly nasty band but a simple rocket made short work of them. One of the bigger ones was still alive however, and I decided to do a little bit of questioning. He tried to grab me with his one functional hand, but I punched him in the face. I demanded where the talon company’s headquarters were but right as he gave me a smirk, a shot was fired and his grey matter was blasted over the sand and rock behind him. I looked behind me and saw a woman in green armor, pointing her assault rifle at me cheek and burning me with the hot barrel. I cursed up a storm and detached the barrel with my still scalding face. I pointed my pistol at her and asked her what the hell the idea was. She said she was Reilly, of Reilly’s rangers, a small mercenary group. She wanted to know why I wanted to know where talon’s hq was. ”Those bastards have been hunting me for almost a year for what I did back at megaton” I said with grit in my voice. She looked at me with some kind of marvel. “You’re the vault dweller?” I told her the abridged version of the events that came to pass and she offered me a hand in what I was doing. All I had to do was clear out a horde of super mutants and save the rest of the rangers. Piece of cake. So off I went, with Reilly on her own I went to clear out the horde. That was the simple part. Fun, too. Surprisingly, headshotting mutants doesn’t get old. The problem was that the medic was bleeding out, fast and the guard was dead. I had to get him home soon. Me and the rest of the rangers constructed a gurney and we carted him down. Barely in time, He ended up being okay. I got a new set of armor, the Ranger’s green armor, which was lighter than power armor, but just as durable. I was a little conflicted with my new favored armor, so I complimented my new body armor with the brotherhood gauntlets and boots. I slipped on my helmet and I helped myself to a bit of ammo, and some parts to fix up my arsenal and was pointed in the direction of talon’s headquarters. So off I went, another adventure, but this one was personal. I was angry. Angrier than with the deathclaws. I started to see a greater population of talon fuckers. Grenades, buckshot and mines gave the wastes plenty of new graves. I grabbed a Fatman launcher in some disrepair, but with plenty of spare ammo. I taped the 6 missiles together and armed them. Over the hill was a giant campus. I loaded my launcher as all eyes from the gate were on me, as were their laser sights. I fired and watched a firestorm engulf part of the complex. I ran down with my assault rifle in hand, and shot down a few of the screaming grunts. The leftover soldiers huddled in the corner along with the commander. The commander screamed for my head, and a rain of bullets pounded against the desert backdrop, a few plinking off my armor, I laughed through my helmet, a dark cackle of my chaos letting itself be known. I took a few steps, and actually feel a few piercing rounds hit my flesh. I kept walking, shooting a few rounds with my assault rifle. One guard hit, another fell off the rafters out of fear. The bullets stopped as they scrambled to reload. I dropped the rifle and took out my shotgun. I pointed and fired. Cocked and fired again. And again. 3 soldiers dead. I threw a knife and caught the last guard in the neck. The colonel picked up his weapon. A gleaming Gatling gun, but different than the others. He fired, and lasers shot from the barrel. It ate through the armor, burning my flesh. It was hell. I scrambled up the stairs, dropping my shotgun in the process and slammed my back against the edge of the stairwell. I loaded up the last gun I had on me. I whipped my arm over the cover and opened fire with my SMG. I heard a cry of pain and a thud. I smirked and leapt up with my weapon in tow, only to be blasted onto my back, armor shot full of holes and burnt to shit. I dropped my weapon. My vision blurring, I felt another near death experience coming on. Damn it, I thought. At this point, I was genuinely upset at this inability to do a little more cleaning of the wastes, I was ashamed that my lust for chaos was now my downfall, after so many. The commander dropped his weapon and pulled me up by my neck. He dangled me over the railing, a good 15 feet from the ground. Suffocating, my arms dropped. My vision got dark. I tasted blood, but I noticed something. My hands touched something on my belt on the way down. A grenade, my last grenade stuck to my belt. I feebly grabbed at it as the commander was making some speech, I frankly couldn’t hear him properly anyway, I didn’t care for whatever he had to say. I dropped the grenade and spat in his eyes. He dropped me. I didn’t feel any sense of fear, I simply blacked out, sound and light fading from my world just as the fear in his eyes was illuminated by a spectacular explosion. I woke up in pain. My ankle was fractured, but in a splint. My armor was off, and I was bandaged up. My helmet, or what was left of it, was dangling off what was left of the rafters. The body of the good commander was just a torso from the stomach up. Reilly was standing over me. I croaked at her weakly. She hugged me tight, crunching my frame which I cried out. She thanked me profusely. I wiped out Talon Company. I asked her for assistance, which she was more than willing to help. With a makeshift foot cast put on my foot, a single crutch, we were on our way. The journey was pointing toward making the world a greener place.


XX. Oasis.

As we trudged through the wastes, Reilly and I did some talking. I told her about Project Purity, She wanted to help as best she could, and when the time was right, I could count on the rangers for outside support. I was grateful to have another ally in this endeavor, but I couldn’t help but taper off when I saw the outline of something green in the distance. We stumbled faster toward our destination. The green shapes loomed over us as we got closer. These couldn’t possibly be trees, could they? Real, living, trees. It was insane. Several times I had to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating from some Chem I accidently was given. Reilly was doing the same. We touched the trees, the leaves, brushed our hands over the grass. We laughed, and fell on the plush garden. It was amazing. Soft and misty, almost healing by itself. We were snapped back into reality when a guard walked towards us and asked us to come in. We looked at each other and got up. Apparently, the leader of this place wanted a word. We walked in through the gate and there they were, an older couple, sitting beside a wooden basin. They explained that before we could go further into the grounds, we’d have to go through a ritual, in which we would drink deep of the sap of the life giving tree. Reilly and I looked at each other again with some concern, but ultimately, curiosity got the best of us. We drank the thick sap. The taste was wonderful. It was like a nuka-cola, mixed with sugar bombs. Then the unexpected. I started to hallucinate, but only slightly. The world was brighter, greener. I felt better than when I was on any chem. I blacked out. I awoke next to Reilly. I was still feeling the effects of the sap, as was Reilly. She whispered in my ear then kissed me hard. I hadn’t taken notice, but we were in their robes. Reilly looked terrific. She tore my robes off then her own. What proceeded was a hell of a trip. I had been a virgin, but apparently I was born with some kind of bedroom proficiency, at least by Reilly’s professions. By the time the sap had worn off, we had both fallen asleep. We woke up simultaneously in the morning. She looked at me, shocked but quick to realize what had happened. She kissed me again, and we had more fun. We got dressed together, a little shocked at how things unfolded, but exited our new quarters holding hands. We talked a bit with the elders, who informed us that the elder tree was waiting for us. They pointed us to the direction. We followed the path, and there was a splendid tree. Absolutely gorgeous, gigantic, and standing in the center, away from the rest of the forest. I touched it, and heard a voice. Reilly spun beside the tree, and noticed no-one else was there. She gasped and fell over. I hobbled next to her quickly and looked up. The tree laughed. It was laughing at us. “Good to see that chivalry isn’t dead yet, eh Bob?” My jaw dropped. This had to be the sap. “Name’s Harold. Nice to meet you two. Would you be so kind as to kill me?” I fell on my ass. We talked, and the tree, err, Harold, was a super mutant who had a saproling for a friend, and apparently his chemistry allowed the plant grow. Overgrowing him, and creating this whole desert oasis. Reilly was still unnerved. We walked out and talked to the elders. They were split on what to do. The woman wanted to let the oasis grow, the second wanted to protect it, letting it stay the same. Reilly and I considered the options and decided to let it grow. We went underneath and did the deed, though most of Harold’s organs had been spread from the growth. It was a little disgusting, but the job was done. We went back topside and told Harold what we had done. He had taken it well, considering that the wastes needed this, that it was bigger than him or I, or the elders. We parted ways with oasis, but were encouraged to come and visit. We left them with the knowledge that the wastes would someday be healed from the poisonous radiation. I left with a new affection for Reilly, which she returned almost 10-fold.


XXI. Love in the wastes.

It’s strange. I had never really considered anyone short of my childhood crush to be with, but this felt wonderful. Alongside Reilly, I really felt like I was starting to be comfortable in my own skin. I noticed how much my demeanor changed when travelling with Reilly. I didn’t want to overdo it, be horrifically violent, but I wanted to protect her. I felt better that I wasn’t by myself; I had someone to talk to. It was a refreshing change. We stopped by the Ranger Compound, and the rangers almost immediately noticed that we became something of an item. Reilly was beet red by all the probing questions, and she naturally yelled at the group to march towards rivet city for supplies, and to meet up at fort Constantine. They complied, but I relaxed her tension, which led to some more fantastic alone time. After a couple of days of safety and relaxation, we suited back up, and headed towards fort Constantine. The brotherhood of steel waited, past that, the enclave and the future of capital wasteland.


XXII. Taking back Purity.

We arrived to a less than civil debate between the Rangers and the Brotherhood. Reilly and I ran to the compound and I demanded to know what was going on. The Brotherhood would have no part in allowing outsiders in the Brotherhood complex. I yelled at the recruits to shut their mouths or deal with me. The knights and paladins disarmed their weapons, and removed their armor and helmets. They wanted a fight, to see who would be victorious. Luckily Elder Lyons stopped any of that. He decreed that any friends of mine, were friends of the brotherhood, and were allowed on campus. We shuffled in, but not before I swiftly jabbed the smartass initiate in the stomach as I entered the gate. We were briefed about the mission, and were introduced to Liberty Prime, A walking weapon. Holy crap this thing was huge. I was getting excited. The new alliance of Rangers and Brothers were united with specially designed power armor that locked into place with the Ranger’s armor. Special helms were crafted with Reilly’s signature 4 leaved clover on the sides. Now the Brotherhood dubbed them Reilly’s Steel Rangers, which she ate up. She was enamored that my influence allowed them to be a part of the brotherhood as its own cell. I was very happy for them. But there was the task at hand. We suited up. Liberty prime was released, and we marched. On to victory and bloodshed. On to purity, and the absolute destruction of autumn and the leftovers of the Enclave. On to a better world, with living conditions suitable for all. It was a bloody battle. Mutants and Deathclaws (!) were being released in waves against us. Prime made short work of them, along with my own special touch, and Reilly’s Sniping skills. The brotherhood was in full force, their energy weapons providing a constant stream of light as midnight came and went. We fought an almost endless force, I can’t believe this many soldiers survived Raven rock. I picked up a dead mutant’s rocket launcher and loaded a missile. I waited for the next wave of Vertibirds, which came in threes. I took aim and hit the middle one. The other two fell in fireballs, exploding on top of the beastly recruits. The memorial was in sight; Lyon’s pride was pushing them back. Liberty prime broke the last barrier and self-destructed in front of the few Vertibirds left, a smoking crater was left, hundreds of enclave soldiers were dead. Colonel Autumn slipped into the Jefferson Memorial. I sprinted in after him, Reilly close behind, the rangers behind her. I ran to the actual memorial, Purity was still working furiously. “You miserable shit. You can’t let anything go to plan can you?” Autumn growled. I slid off my gauntlets and slammed him against the glass. I punched him in the mouth, the stomach, and then I felt a bang. I felt a rush of pain. I was bleeding. Autumn laughed raucously as he wiped his mouth. Reilly screamed as Autumn’s boot hit my chin and sent me crumpled on the floor. “Ah-ah. One move and your messiah dies. The Enclave needs him, to continue the work that President Eden planned from the beginning.” I turned my head as he did his little monologue and noticed my knife, my sweet, precious gift from the detox days of big town. I smiled and slipped it in my armor, as Autumn forced me up, which hurt like hell. I winced as he shoved me in the cell, which was setting my pip-boy’s Geiger counter off. If I were to do this, I would surely die. I grabbed his arm and pulled him in after me. He dropped his pistol and cursed at me as the door slammed behind him. Reilly threw herself at the door, she was crying. But I was busy; I made a meal of autumn. He swung at me; I hit his jaw and shattered it. He swung again and broke his knuckles against the bulletproof glass. I laughed and punched him, kneed him in the stomach, and slammed him against the other door. He produced another pistol and pointed at my head. I raised my hands but not before palming the knife. “Get in there and finish this or you die here.” I grinned and slashed at him, his chest splaying open, I drove the blade into his bare beating heart; he left out a death rattle and died, otherwise silently. I looked up at Reilly. “I can’t get it open…” she was crying hard. I pulled off my under armor and touched the door. My heart was breaking. It wasn’t fair. I had just gotten to such a good point in my life. I found someone that I loved. I breathed on the glass and drew a heart on it. I yelled that I would always love her, and punched the button which opened the secondary door; I slipped on my helmet and turned on the oxygen. I took a deep breath and walked into it. It was hot. Burning me inside and out. It hurt to move. I stumbled to the console, and punched in the code. My mother’s favorite bible quote number. I punched it in, and the heat of radiation got so much worse, This was it. My time had come to a close. My pip-boy’s Geiger counter clicked loudly and then shattered as I called out to Reilly as I fell over. Things went cold, and black.


XXIII. The hero lives.

Of course, I am telling this story, So through some miracle, I was spared, although I had radiation poisoning beyond any measure. I was purged of all radiation by a secondary G.E.C.K. that was modified to heal radiation. A group effort of the Brotherhood, Three dog, Simms, the good doctor in megaton, and every wasteland friend I had made during my time. The G.E.C.K. broke shortly after bringing me back to safe levels. It was months later, I woke up screaming for Reilly. She came in the door faster than a deathclaw. She was crying again, and then so was I. She held me, I was weak. I was malnourished, and subjected to dialysis. I had a few broken bones and actually lost a kidney to Autumn’s gunplay. But I was alive. I still don’t get how I survived all of it, but it was over. Days later I was rolled out in a wheelchair, to fanfare of the entire wasteland dweller community. All my friends came from all over the capital wasteland to greet me. I never felt more loved than I had then.



So, Here we are. 40 years later. I’m still with Reilly, and I have never loved her more. She looks better every day, and she blessed me with 3 children over the years, who graced me with 2 grandchildren. I play pre-war board games with three dog every week, and talk about the old days with Simms’ son. Speaking of Three dog, I never would’ve written this without him. He’s the one that helped me feel a little less alone with GNR, and I constantly thank him for that. He laughs and points to the mighty oak tree where the bomb used to be at the city formerly known as megaton, where he enjoys the shade of a natural tree, and a bottle of pure, clean water, and tells me that this is so much more than he could’ve ever done. One other thing I’m grateful for is there’s no longer a bullet fired at night, nor sighting of mutant or deathclaw. Everything is just fine now, at the Capital Eden.

Sadly, as My friend’s story was being printed for publishing, He and his wife Reilly passed together in their sleep. The Capital Eden Mourns the world for the loss they have suffered, but will continue to grow as a functioning society, In spite of the stupidity our ancestors almost destroyed the world over, and in favor of a lone wanderer from an underground vault who changed the world for the better with his selflessness. I know you’re probably disagreeing wherever you are, old friend, but I don’t care. It’s my goddamned opinion of you, and I’m entitled to praise you.


-Three Dog, GNR studios

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