I was going through my Humble Bundle purchases, and I noticed I have a ton of unredeemed keys. One per person, and you must post the picture requested beside the name of each game to get the code, because I'm malevolent as shit. Also post your Steam name and/or a junk e-mail so I can send you the code. Anyway...

Dead Space - Steam (Picture of Jaromir Jagr with the 80's mullet)
Medal of Honor - Steam (Picture of Medal of Hodor)
FEAR - Steam (Picture of a xenomorph)
Batman: Arkham Origins DLC - Steam (picture of a child dressed as Batman)
Dead Space - Origin (Picture of an orange)
Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box - Origin (Picture of weird Japanese Doritos)
Crysis 2 Max Edition - Origin (Picture of a leopard)
Dead Space 3 - Origin (picture of sad Bobby Kotick)
Medal of Honor - Origin (picture of a sandwich)
Mirror's Edge - Origin (picture of a fat American at Walmart)

Have at 'er.